Saturday, October 06, 2007

Cowbelles: Books & Quilts

This coffee stand over at the annual Yavapai Cattle Growers Bar-B-Que was operated by the Yavapai Cowbelles, an organization of ranch women. They also had another stand for the annual quilt raffle. The quilt, featuring brands from ranches in the county, was also displayed at the recent Cowboy Poets Gathering.

And if you don't win the raffle this year or next, the Cowbelles have a cotton throw, also featuring local brands.

But maybe the most interesting activity of the group is collecting local tales from a past that I'm sure was a lot more colorful than our present! And, good news, a third volume is at the printer right now; it should be available before Christmas.


Olivia Kroth said...

Books & quilts - a good combination. A quilt will keep you warm in winter, a book will entertain you while sitting by the fireside, looking into the empty garden.

A Chinese proverb says: "A book is like a garden carried in the pocket."

meggie said...

A nice proverb from Olivia!
I have to ask, how is Yavapai pronounced phonetically?

Granny J said...

olivia -- A garden in the pocket is a helluva lot less work!

meggie -- Ya-va- pie, with the accent on the 1st syllable. Tis the name of the local Indian tribe, one of the Yuman group, along with the Hualapai and the Havasupai up at the Grand Canyon and other tribes along the Colorado.

sheoflittlebrain said...

My step Dad won the Yavapai Cowbells' quilt one year. It was bordered in pink and had blocks of flowers embroiderered for each month of the year. I got to have it on my bed when I was a teen and treasured it.
And, it was much like the one Joni at My Piece of Heaven is making!

Granny J said...

Weren't you lucky, Brain! In her 70s, my Mom made crazy quilts for her 3 girl grandchillen & I have a crochet bedspread that my grandmother made, one of four she made each of for her children.

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