Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Double Wide Problem

What is it about double wides? For a time, there was a campaign to banish the word trailer (as in trailer trash) and replace it with the more respectable, hi-tech- sounding manufactured home. Lord knows such a house can serve as a good home for a young couple just starting out. In fact, I'm always surprised at the amenities that are included in the modern product, even though the materials are sometimes a bit tacky.

But, except in rural areas, there remains a stigma attached to the manufactured home. My personal opinion for one reason: the dealers (obviously close cousins to auto dealers) park the pieces of homes somewhat carelessly, mismatched, suggesting to any passer-by a less than optimum finished product.

Fantasy Share Trading: In case you didn't know it, shares in Walking Prescott were trading at B$1.64 last I checked on the exchange at BlogShares. A very cheap "price", tho I made it into the top 100 in the Arizona blog market. Got recommended because my "P/E ratio" was extraordinarily low. And so I came in #1 in the Prescott market, ahead of such local stalwarts as Oddball Observations and Foolsewoode. Go figure -- it doesn't make sense to me. This market is one of several on-line; the best known trade in predictions of one sort and another.


Lucy said...

I always rather fancy living in one, though perhaps not permanently.
I'm off to check out Fantasy share trading!

Olivia Kroth said...

Hello Julie,

I just went over to the blog share exchange and saw that you are ranked number one.

I like your blog because you show interesting pictures and write good texts.

An extra plus: you blog regularly. Every time I click on "Walking Prescott" there is a new post on.

Hermano said...

Inasmuch as you now are 'hot' property, I reckon that you'd better incorporate yourself--Granny J Inc!


quilteddogs said...

How cool! I never heard of such a thing. Blog shares I mean. Of course I have heard of trailer homes :-))

Congratulations. You certainly deserve it.

sheoflittlebrain said...

Well, I know nothing about Fantasy Share Trading, but I'm not surprised to see that you're #1! Congratulations Granny J!

We spent an afternoon looking at manufactured housing, called that now since they no longer trail behind the auto,but rest on foundations and have to meet building codes and zoning standards. Some were very lovely and spacious, up to 3000 sq.ft. with cathedral ceilings and two fireplaces(!!!), but we were very glad to come home to our old, comfy, cozy cabiny home...

Granny J said...

Lucy -- I was rather taken with the prediction markets. I should check in and see what they say about our presidency.

olivia -- actually, my past life as a magazine journalist was good training for doing little picture essays. And posting everyday? I wouldn't do it if I weren't having a ball!!!

Bro -- but if I did that, I'd have to involve the feds. No way.

QD -- we'll have to see how I do in the long term. It doesn't look like there's a lot of action in the Prescott market.

Brain -- two fireplaces, yet -- wow! I'm fascinated with some of the models that look like pueblos or some such; my own idea is a model called the Tara, with columns out front, for fans of Gone with the Wind.

SBird said...

We live in a double-wide...it's odd sometimes to have a seam running down the middle of your house....

Granny J said...

SBird -- 'sfunny -- I had completely forgotten that. I guess part of the problem is the setting! When they're new and shiny, without trees or shrubbery (and all lined up), they can look quite raw. But I recall that your place was quite pleasant, nice and airy. So much for pre-conceived notions!

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