Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wallpapered Vehicles

A year ago this summer, when my famous Niece from Memphis was visiting, she made a run up I-17 to Flagstaff. Reporting back, she mentioned spotting a van that was thoroughly plastered with with decals and bumper stickers. (She was aware that I was a collector and connoisseur of same.) Unfortunately, neither she nor her passenger caught a picture.

I did see this slightly covered car down near the Sharlot Hall grounds. But it surely didn't fit the description given by the niece.

However, the day I came across this green vehicle over by Sacred Heart School, I just knew I had the niece's van in sight. Read and enjoy!

But covering the trailing edge of the car with posters is not limited to the green van. Take a look below:

Of course, I do wonder if it isn't just a tad dangerous inviting the driver behind you to read and agree (or disagree) instead of paying attention to the road ahead. As a non-driver, I can enjoy the texts and imagining the sort of person who's into tattoos, killing TV, saving the wolf and Tibet, as well.

Even a biker, if his equipment furnishes the billboard space, can get into the act, tho this owner seems to have gotten tired of the game. His stickers need refreshing. And, yes, I do have a fine photo collection of cars and the causes they espouse. Too many, in fact. It's hard to make a selection! One of these days.


sheoflittlebrain said...

Wow, that's an opinionated lot! I like some bumper stickers, and have even bought a few, but never seem to get them stuck on the car..

Granny J said...

I've never indulged, but then the LH wasn't the sort who'd wear his opinion on his sleeve. Did, however, purchase a couple of the dueling fish symbols (Darwin, in this case) for my bio-SIL and eco-Sson.

pb said...

The best stickers are the rude ones, because they tell everyone who are the jerks we may want to avoid...

Of course, it may simply be that jerk's hapless spouse.

Granny J said...

pb -- at one time I had thought of collecting dueling bumper stickers by taking pix first at, say, Prescott College and then at perhaps the American Legion building. But I didn't have to because they are all over.

quilteddogs said...

I have seen a van driving around Prescott with extremely offensive signs on it...not bumper sticks but signs identifying the driver as being clearly anti-semitic. I know how he gets away with it but I wonder how many times he has had a piece of his vehicle destroyed. It drives me crazy when I see that van. I wonder if you know the van I am speaking of.

Granny J said...

QD -- Oh, yes. I even ran a post with the picture. I understand he gets run in regularly & released immediately. Freedom of speech.

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