Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Signs of the Times

Time was that our nation's founding fathers and subsequent big shots likely belonged to the Masonic order. That was then. This is now, an age in which MySpace has taken the place of the old-line fraternal groups. And so the local Masons manned a booth at the recent County Fair to promote membership. A strange commentary on a group that has been the subject of many a conspiracy theory in the past.

Also at the fair, this Tshirt on sale at the Libertarian Party booth. The message on the tee is not the meme -- which is the actual presence of the LP at this venue.

"We're neither Rambos nor the NRA. We're pussy cats," is the statement conveyed by this tee spotted at the recent pie social in Skull Valley.

On the other hand, don't forget that we're living in the hip-hop age. Or are we seeing a reminder of Mae West? Written on a bust in a Cortez Street collectible shop window.

And a reminder that misspelling is a given these days. (Not to mention the plethora of s's and apostrophes.) One would think that the sign painter could have slipped a T at the end of DEPO; after all, the shopping center is called the Depot Marketplace.

More Links: I came across an curious local blogsite, The Prescott Pundit, which invites readers to post comments about the local scene. My guess is that very few people know of its existence or there would be more comments. Also added: Around the World, a link-up to local picture blogs about cities in all manner of locales. And, in case you missed it, here's how to see and save that awesome view of the California wildfires from space.


Melanie A. said...

Are there any attorneys' offices nearby? Maybe "Depo" isn't a mangling of "depot," but rather an abbreviated form of "deposition."

Hermano said...

Methinks Depo is a slight typographical error, the translation of the sign being 'De po customers'.


pb said...

Is this a country thing? We have misspelled signs all over the place, too.

Let's hope it isn't really something like the dumbing-down of America.

Frankly, I'm surprised the Home Depot people aren't on top of it like ugly on a gorilla.

Granny J said...

Melanie, I think the old Santa Fe depot has been taken over lock, stock & barrel by a major brokerage firm.

Bro -- an interesting speculation!

pb -- No doubt it is part of the great dumbing down of America. I've about decided that passing a spelling test should be a requirement before issuing a license for anyone to go on line. As for Home Depot, they have no interests in this particular shopping center.

Jan said...

" I've about decided that passing a spelling test should be a requirement before issuing a license for anyone to go on line"

granny've noticed that, too. It is one of the things that really irks me, and I am appalled when I notice that a misspelled word has gotten past me.

Of course, I make many other mistakes in writing, not really knowing the proper elements of it, but correct spelling, to me, is very important.

Jan said...


Please note the grammatical error's my comeuppance for saying what I did! LOL

Granny J said...

jan -- part of the problem is that one writes pretty much on the fly when posting a comment. After I publish my blog, I keep having to go back to revise it to remove little boo-boos.

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