Friday, October 26, 2007


First seen over in the K-Mart shopping center, where I go for cheap printer ink. It was leaving as we were arriving. Too bad. Too bad twice -- the shop didn't have my species of printer ink in stock.

Time for Staples & the high price spread. Lo and behold, the Hippymobile was parked, just waiting for its portrait to be taken.
Here is the driver's side.
And the passenger side. A real scattering of images. Maybe the product of a party one night?

Incongruous details: above, a cross from the passenger side window, and, below, decals from the rear.

So the big question: is this owned by a left-over crowd from the late 60s, never grown up, or is it their grandkids? The lack of real psychedelia suggests it's the newer generation, I'd say. Looks like a work in progress, not a finished canvas. And speaking of such matters, I heard from the California nephew, who says that Ramona village (and his house) was untouched by the fires and that the crowd in the Qualcomm Stadium over in San Diego was more like Woodstock than Katrina.

International Link: Ah, synchronicity yet again. As I was photographing the local Hippymobile, my friend Fizdane was posting photos of extreme Japanese vans.


Hermano said...

Interesting to see a decorated van sans NRA support sticker. Re: your previous post, possibly the lady spider was transported to Ariz from Tasmania; hence the disorientation in spinning?


Granny J said...

Come on, bro, we have lots and lots of those vans and vehicles that have a peace sign instead of an NRA decal! As for the spider, she was small enough that the winds could easily have carried her, even past those ferocious Santa Anas.

Melanie A. said...

Thank you for the images of this puzzling vehicle. One thing's for sure-- its decorators didn't graduate from a prestigious art or design school.

I agree with you that it's probably the work of Gen X or Gen Y, not someone with personal memories of the Sixties.

Granny J said...

melanie -- nothing tie-died about that van at all. The driver's side is fairly cohesive, but the other side looks to be a real group job, and a group made up of extreme individuals, at that.

meggie said...

Loved these pics.
Those Japanese vans are high tech.
I rather like the shabby hippie one, with it's quirky oddball items!

Granny J said...

meggie -- I can't resist those quirky, individualistic scenes that I come across. That's part of the fun of taking the pictures!

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