Tuesday, February 05, 2008


One practical use of the snow: a way to track visitors. For example, a lone javelina (above), though I'm surprised at the drag marks.

More unusual -- an invasion, well, at the least, a family of racoons who left three distinct trails.

One trail was two or three individuals who headed up my stairs and thence on up the hillside.

Another group headed for my back porch/grotto and thence disappeared.

Here are the coon's footprints with a proper measure. Neighbors immediate hurried to their koi pond upon seeing all the evidence of raccoon. And while I saw plenty of snow paws of cats and dogs, there was sign neither of chipmunk nor vole.

Blog Notes: I missed other reports on our Sunday/Monday snow. Be sure to check in with The One Acre Wood & Dagny's Desk; Photos from Prescott focused on ice.


Anonymous said...

What!!--no Puma tracks???


Anonymous said...

The photo of the raccoon tracks makes you appreciate how different the front feet are from the rear.

Warren said...

very nice track pictures! I'm especially impressed that you were able to identify which tracks belong to the ruler of the raccoons! *smile*

TomboCheck said...

One of my favorite things about hiking in the snow! Looking at all the wildlife sign.

Great photos and post GJ!

pb said...

So, did your neighbors lose any koi?

sheoflittlebrain said...

How interesting to see what goes on while we're asleep! While we agree that we've never seen a racoon here in our neighborhood, I found one perfect little "hand" print on the window of the car one morning.

Granny J said...

bro -- we might get a bobcat this close to the city square, but the lions don't appear to venture beyond the outer ring of houses, where they do appear, despite Fish & Game's denials.

my, what sharp eyes you have, boonie! I hadn't noticed....

warren -- the daddy of them all...

tombo -- wish I were in shape to do the kind of hiking that you do!

pb -- they're down to the small fry already after the last invasion which got their 15-year-old biggie! However, all the tracks were going up my hill this time.

brain -- by their works ye shall know them! Neither have I seen one of the coonish fellows but... On the other hand, we have a neighbor who Had a cat door & returned home one night to find a family of raccoons on her kitchen table.

meggie said...

We in Oz, had never really heard of Javelina, or seen them, until you posted one on your blog. I told friends, & emailed them your pics. We Googled them, & learnt something new!!LOL. I would not like to meet one in real life!
Interesting to see all your tracks there, none of the creatures live here.
I was saddened to read of Koi losses- even if they are regarded as pests here!

Space Mom said...


I wish to offer condolences on the loss of your mother. As I mentioned to OmegaMom, I hope you have some good laughs among the tears as you remember her wonderful life.

Thinking of you.


SallyAnne said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

Euglossine Bee said...

I love seeing the evidence of animals passing -- you know they always pass that way, but with the snow you really know! I wrote along similar lines a few weeks ago here in the Pacific Northwest: Tracks of Tracks in the Snow

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