Friday, February 01, 2008

What's up overhead?

Answer: ceilings, of course; some make lovely patterns. Especially if the sun plays its part, as it does in the front lobby at Samaritan Village NH, where I often sit visiting with Mom. This is a morning location; by early afternoon, the light is no longer transmitted through the shade...

...and it's time to look in the other direction where light fixtures and fans are the players.

Here is a different ceiling, this across the street at the church. Without the fans, the patterns aren't quite as interesting.

Additions & Subtractions: I've removed a couple of blogs from the blogroll at right -- nothing was happening! And there are several newcomers. Locally, an educator concerned with using low-cost computers as a learning tool ... a Prescott woman who writes of adjusting to vision loss ... and an enthusiastic & flamboyant weaver. Also new: An Alaskan adjusting to life in the big city (Atlanta.) Read and enjoy.

Later & At Your Service: Mr. RV-Boondocker-Explorer (see comments) wondered what the pix would look like turned upside down. Ho-kay -- here are two of them. I'd say that the first of the pair doesn't look that outlandish and, thus, is a failure for the imagination. However, the second bears a certain relationship to a Hollywood vision of a high-tech nightmare. You can picture our heroine running between those knife-edged fans, pausing briefly to fire her blaster at the alien hordes on the hunt.


meggie said...

Ceilings are often very interesting to observe!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to imagine what this series of photos would look like upside down.

Granny J said...

meggie -- more so in commercial or institutional buildings, I'd say, than in most homes.

boonie -- your idea is my command!

Karen of Scottsdale said...

Room designers should be thinking of us poor folk who get stuck in bed longer than we like waiting for our caregivers to get us up. A nice ceiling to view would do wonders for us! =)

Granny J said...

karen -- my GP has a poster or picture on the ceiling above the examination table in each cubicle. It does keep one's interest! Something with motion would do an even better job!

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