Friday, February 22, 2008

A short neighborhood walk

Our wintery winter, plus other upsets, has cut walking time down drastically. To begin to get back into shape, I took a brief excursion in the immediate neighborhood to see what could be seen. And photographed. My fine collection of stump pictures was one of the casualties of the hard drive crash; here's the start of a new collection -- a strange configuration, indeed.

The neighbor who planted 1000 tulips a couple of years ago has decided to stop the javelina depredations this spring. We'll see how well this little fence works. I'm not betting on it. Of course, there will be tulips -- the critters seem always to leave a few bulbs behind whenever they go digging. Food for their future and flowers for the rest of us.

Isn't this a curious river rock, with its alien intrusions? Wonder where it came from originally.

There's always some sort of automobile goodie waiting for me when I go walking.

And, with all the moisture we've had, there are intensely green mosses, even in Arizona.

My neighbor who restores vintage cars displays appropriate yard ornamentation, too. Very kewl wire wheels, aren't they.

I survived this outing and plan on many more, weather permitting. Especially I hope to photograph that suit of armour that was on display outside Batterman's yesterday.


Anonymous said...

GJ, enjoyed the post. I took a walk in the area and have a few photos of the moss growing wild. Click me if you would like to see it.


Anonymous said...

Has the rain stopped yet? CA is sending another storm your way, so you'll probably get more snow. How about some snow photos? Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

steve -- those pictures are absolutely luscious! It would take a lot more moisture in these parts to grow such moss! and, readers -- keep scrolling down to see beautiful webcam shots of the Tetons!

anon av -- yes and, thanks to you, I just checked our outlook for tomorrow. Dang! It shows we're up to 40% chance of precips, which is almost as good as it gets for Prescott. I was looking forward to drying out. No snow, however, snow level will be about 8000 ft. But I have a few nice pictures from thursday which I might post...

k said...

Just gorgeous. I'm so glad you're getting out and about again.

And the loss of those still eats at me.

Just, good to hear you're building them up again. That's all.

Granny J said...

k -- I hope you are backing up! That's what all right-thinking (and practical folk) do! I now have this back up machine; have I figured out how to do the backing up yet? No!

TomboCheck said...

Great pics, and glad to see you are going out again!

And yes, backup is a very important thing to do. And with external Hard Drives at under a hundred bucks, it's silly not to do it if you keep music, pictures, video, or important docs on your computer.

Granny J said...

tombo -- but I still have to figure out the back-up software!!!

TomboCheck said...

:) I have found that 60% of the time, the software that comes with the drives isn't worth a darn. It all depends on who made the drive, and who's software they are including with it.

If you are just looking to backup certain folders (my documents, my pictures, etc) then most backup programs should be capable of that.

If you are looking to image your computer (which backs up all of your programs, and registry information so that you don't have to re-install your software in the case of a crash, as well as all of your files) then most of the software's that come with drives won't do what you want.

If you shoot me an email with the software information and hard drive information I might be able to help you out. :) It can definitely be tricky trying to figure out what the silly manuals actually want you to do.

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