Thursday, February 28, 2008

Prescott necessity: good drainage

After all that moisture we've had the past few weeks, the local hills have sprung leaks. Here's a minor stream I saw on Beach Street two days ago; I've seen similar little water courses on several streets running downhill toward Granite Creek.

A Japanese-style water course in stone helps prevent erosion of the hillside here. Many years ago when my LH and I were looking at houses in Prescott, we noticed that structures on Park Avenue often had a small stream running through the basement (if they had one). I suppose had we been looking in the dry season, we wouldn't have been aware of this!

Pictured: a rather small drainage pipe (under 6" in diameter) at the edge of one hillside property hereabouts.

A larger tube (12") runs under the drive of another house.

Now we're getting into more serious drainage! This paved water course down the bluff takes rain and melt water away from the upper level parking lot at a former church on West Gurley Street.

Grand finale: a 3-4 foot conduit under the road as you leave the south end of Lynx Lake; it drains a hillside into upper Lynx Creek.

Excuses, Excuses: Last night, I had these pictures PhotoShopped and was about to begin posting when, OOPS! my modem called it quits. Had to call in my guru this AM to fix things -- the easy way, using a cable rather than the wireless option.


Lucy said...

'the hills have sprung leaks...' sounds like the opening to a song!

Liked the swirly water pics too.

Anonymous said...

Glad modem was fixed...the old fashioned way. I'm so used to my morning routine: cereal, tea, and Walking Prescott! :-D
~Anon in AV

Granny J said...

lucy -- I like that song.

anon av -- wow! I guess I'll have to uphold my end of the bargain as best I can!

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