Friday, February 08, 2008

Unexpected bronzes

It's an unusual collection of bronzes, especially for a funeral home. But then, this is the West. And what could be more historically western in Prescott than the Ruffner name! After making arrangements for Mom at Wakelin-Ruffner, I took these pictures. Saddles. And more saddles.They make rather strange-looking objects without an intervening horse!

There were quite a few name-brand cowboy and western bronzes, as well.

And, at the entrance, this splendid Uncle Sam. I know Mom would have liked him -- and would have then spent a few minutes figuring out how to make a better one. There was also much butterfly art on the walls; I'll talk about that tomorrow. In the meantime, the funeral home has posted a my brief biog of Mom here. BTW, I miscounted the number of great grandchildren -- it's 8.


Anonymous said...

Your Bio was was very nice. Thanks for sharing.

julia said...

I am calling in at a sad time.
The bronzes are appealing, all that detail and in an unusal setting. I must call again if my broadband can make it.

Granny J said...

steve -- I am pleased that the funeral home posts such biographies.

juliar -- I surely hope your broadband can make it! I hope you aren't having computer problems.

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