Saturday, November 29, 2008

Improving on the past

Perhaps Loki is the chief photo god, the prankster who makes sure that the one image you needed to complete the set magically appears once you have published. The neighborhood tuxedo cat above, for example, posing strategically next to the cat crossing sign. Two weeks too late. Loki is also likely to hide pictures in plain view in the archives -- for example the library's miniature of the big rodeo bronze.

I doubt Loki has anything to do with my Thumb Butte problem, which is simply that I keep finding and/or taking new views of our city's landmark. Here are a couple; the viewpoint of the upper picture is at the entrance to the posh Hassayampa Village; the other is quite close up to the volcanic plug at the top.

Did I mention that Loki let me make a fool of myself by declaring that there were only two splendid towers on Mt. Vernon Street. Nope. I've already back-pedaled with one excellent example from our prime Victorian neighborhood. Now, here's another, thanks to my Halloween excursion. And here's a cute piggy weather vane that he hid, again in plain sight.

Yes, I should have seen these kachinas to include in my post on these Hopi "dolls" though these were in the midst of a wonderous and thoroughly miscellaneous batch of collectibles over at Batterman's. As for the NO sign below, you may recall that I posted a select group from my vast accumulation over a year ago. I rather liked this one because 1) it is a double NO and 2) the sign designer bothered to say please.

And I just wish I'd delved deeper into the archive to bring up this shot for last night's collection of signs, reason being that neat reflection of yours truly in the act of photography.

Photo Link: Talk of synchronicity! My Google alert let me to another view of the McCormick Street hippie sign, this time on Flickr. Take a look.


Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

So nobody's perfect, even moi.


Lucy said...

Love that cat sign!

Lots of sign-based groups on Flickr...

Anonymous said...

Great shots of Thumb Butte... really liked those!

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

bro -- what I am trying to say is that one can be perfection and still Loki shows up to laugh at us.

lucy -- I was so very fortunate to finally get the cat and the sign together for the picture -- I couldn't have been happier.

anon av -- waiting for the first snow to take my next picture of the butte. Problem is that it's so much more distinctive than the other nearby mountains. I did get a snow-on-the-Peaks picture or two this afternoon as we drive to Chino.

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