Thursday, November 27, 2008

Patterns from a Thanksgiving day dinner

Today, thanksgiving, was primarily a day of friendship. I enjoyed a comfortable, laid-back visit that did, not just incidentally, include an awesome feast. Our world out Williamson Valley way was alternately drizzly, misty and bathed in brief bursts of sun. Weather patterns. Patterns, too, on the land.

I don't often get the opportunity to look down on the circle of the leaf fall from an apricot tree. Any tree, for that matter.

Another tree almost ready for winter, stark against Granite Mountain. Odds on it's an aspen

The namesake rocks and boulders of the mountain were sometimes visible through the mists that clung to its top and sides.

Another pattern -- by accident. I was aiming for the mountain in the distance; my Canon was focusing on the screen nearby. I decided to make lemonade.

Far to the north, catching late afternoon sun, a canyon cutting up into the western edge of the Rim country.

Back in the house, next the wood burning stove, what I choose to call beetlewood -- a tree branch that has been tunneled beneath the bark by beetle larvae. The pattern looks somewhat like hieroglyphs! I hope that your Thanksgiving was as pleasant and relaxed as mine.


Anonymous said...

We, too, had a pleasant and relaxed Thanksgiving, enjoying a bottle of Granite Creek's Grand Canyon Cuvee red table wine.

We're thankful for that Chino Valley winery now that the sulfites in wines trigger our allergies. Granite Creek's no added sulfites, organic wines are award winning and splendid!

Thank you, Hoult family!

Thanks, GJ, for the patterns!

~Anon in AV

Catalyst said...

Wonderful photos, as always, GJ.

The pork loin took an hour longer than expected to cook but it and everything else tasted wonderful!

Granny J said...

anon av -- are you subscribing to their wine program -- or do you have to lug it back when you visit?

cat-A -- I'd love to have had a taste of your famous pork loin roast. It's been ages since I've had a pork roast; since last OmegaDad was here.

Anonymous said...

They're not allowed to ship it out of state because no sulfites are added.

So, yes, we pick up a few bottles each time we visit. We're Case Club members.

~Anon in AV.

Lucy said...

Lovely atmospheric photos, glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

That beetlewood reminds me of when we kept chickens,and they loved the beetle grubs so much that when I was chopping wood they used to risk their lives practically putting their heads in the path of the chopper to catch them!

Avus said...

I really enjoyed these photographs, Granny

Granny J said...

anon av -- then it's important that you come to town several times a year.

lucy -- ah, chickens! My granddotter is now "selling" eggs to the neighbors and her dad's co-workers.

avus -- glad to share Thanksgiving with you.

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