Monday, November 24, 2008

Strange doors, tight quarters

Mysterious narrow passageways are not the stuff of the western scenery. No, it is a country based on openness and space. There are exceptions, of course, such as what happens when a mining town climbs a mountain and elbow room is at a premium; good examples include Jerome and Bisbee. Thus it is only natural that when I come across such arrangements here in Prescott that it's time for pictures and speculation.

The former sanctuary building at the United Methodist Church at Gurley and Summit now serves as HQ for a number of social services; apparently this staircase hidden away in the passage is the access to at least one such.

On the other hand, I am totally bewildered by this curious layout at the south end of Prescott College's one building on Summit Street. It looks as though the passageway ends in a door, reachable only by a ladder. Not really up to OSHA standards, I would guess. In fact, the structure between the buildings looks to be some sort of afterthought, a shed, for example.

Like I said at the beginning: a good topic for speculation.

Trends Note: The dotter writes about the hot new trend, urban chickens. Read about it here.


sheoflittlebrain said...

One does wonder what lies behind the door at the top of the ladder!
Leave it to you to ferret out such a strange and intriguing mystery.

Granny J said...

brain -- I suspect we'll never find out! More's the pity.

Kim said...

For some reason I really enjoy spaces like makes me feel comforted like I'm in a nest.

And thanks for the link!

Granny J said...

kim -- I enjoy these spaces, too, though for different reasons. To me, they suggest mysteries and surprises and the unexpected ahead, all Good Things.

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