Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The lone horse property

Can anyone give me the official zoning for an in-city horse property? One or is it two acres per horse? And how many such properties remain in November of 2008? Whatever the answer, I'm quite certain that the spread over by the rodeo grounds is most likely grandfathered. I'm sure I've seen more than one horse over where Gail Gardner swerves around a corner to nestle up against the old fairgrounds.

Here is the one inhabitant I was able to photograph the day friend Patty drove me round and round about in that neighborhood which is, what, about a mile or so from the Courthouse? I've often wondered just what the story of this remnant from an earlier era might be.


Anonymous said...

From the hindquarters, looks to be an aging thoroughbred, but I could be mistaken.

Or, could be a quarter horse.

Is that the only property with a horse still on it near the rodeo grounds? I thought there were several more.

~Anon in AV.

Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

This is such an interesting post.

There are still areas in Dublin where horses are kept as household pets.

Photographers from abroad have made great images of children thundering down main roads, riding bareback.

quilteddogs said...

How funny that the town with the "World's Oldest Rodeo" has limited in-town horse property. Down here in Phoenix and within a couple of blocks of my home are many, many homes with horses (and other barnyard creatures). There is even a mini farm just down the way.

How strange that our huge city has this but quaint little Prescott is limited.

worldphotos4 said...

Lots of horses, as well a some cattle and boars, in our area. But, we live out in the country. Since my camera is in the shop, I think we'll leave town for a while. See you when we get back.

Granny J said...

anon av -- there might still be more, somewhere,but none that I'm familiar with. Maybe over in Forbing Park.

tales -- now that's a great scene to envision!

qd -- when I used to go walking less than 10 years ago, there was a property over near Aspen Creek, near Highland & Middlebrook, where miniature horses were raised. It's no longer there. I suspect that the value of land is too high.

steve -- how on earth can you go travelling without a camera????? But have a good item in any event!

Rick Rosenshein said...

Great blog and beautiful photographs. Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

Melanie A. said...

I was walking around Prescott Heights, just uphill from the high school, last month, and came across another equine hold-out, kept behind an old-fashioned fence of juniper logs and barbed wire.

RV-boondocker-explorer said...

"Remnant from an earlier era." It is always a little sad to see a horse or cow in the western states. Now, they are just an overflow bin for CA. The economy is based on retirement housing, Medicare-paid health care, coffee shops and art galleries.

I was born a generation too late.

Granny J said...

Rick -- you had some mighty interesting photos at your site. Everybody should take a look.

Melanie -- I'll be durned. I need to walk up that way one of these days.

boonie -- my question for the Californians is always, "if you are running away from the Golden State, why are you so insistently trying to remake the Mountain West into what you ran away from???"

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