Thursday, August 09, 2007

Automotive Tschotkes

I'm still recovering from the recent house party, but I do miss having a young one (comparatively speaking) with a car on hand to take me places to photograph things. One morning this past weekend we spent at Watson Lake Park admiring antique and classic cars, a display of old engines, and other related goodies. Oh, yes, I've got pictures of wonderful relics of our automotive past, but tonight it's the side show of related goodies.

Officials claim something like 10,000 visitors to the event; the line of cars waiting to enter the park does suggest a crowd! Note the pickup with gear for the swap meet section.
Nice use of road cones here.

Not your usual golden oldies.

In this age of deluxe RVs, can you imagine sleeping...

...or preparing meals in one of these early campers?

My title pointed out that this was not going to feature the actual cars and trucks -- saving that for later. So what better home for the picture of a parrot and its person. There were a lot of greybeards and grey pony tails on the grounds.

Of course, I saw Tshirts galore, starting out at the sponsoring group's booth. Judging from my collection below, every show must do a roaring business in signature tees.


meggie said...

It is odd. I just dont "GET" cars! Yet my younger son, has a 1962 Valiant car, which he loves. It is the third one he has owned, & each one has been the love of his life- & a bottomless pit for money!

Granny J said...

A guy thing! Meggie, don't you think that cars have always been a guy thing?

Anonymous said...

Lots of neat stuff there.

Granny J said...

Yeah! So much neat stuff that I have pix for 3 or 4 posts! We have a lot of guys here who are into old cars and old engines.

Catalyst said...

Very clever of you to get that picture of the greybeard and his parrot . . . AND include yourself in the frame!

Granny J said...

A thousand pardons, more or less, Cat-A. Saturday last was a 2-camera day, with the niece from Memphis manning one. You might even note that my niece's daughter is there, in the shades. I let niece do the difficult shots, such as the stairs in the next post -- I was worn out by our many sets on that particular Saturday and so had her climb the hill to reach the stairs. She's an excellent photog, by the way, and finally was persuaded to switch to digital on this trip -- she got a Canon on eBay.

k said...

OH, Memphis Niece got a digital! That is SO good!

You're really inspiring us here, you know.

k said...

The parrot, of course, made me feel right to home.

And! Just who is that fine lady over his shoulder, to the left of the pic, with a camera around her neck and a nice sturdy walking stick and an excellent bun in her hair?

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