Saturday, August 04, 2007

Where Do Typewriters Go When Retired?

Today, we found not one but two out-of-work typewriters over at the NOAH resale shop. These machines were in the midst of all kinds of resale Stuff. Not often that you even see a typewriter these days. How many generations has it been since the Royal, Underwood or IBM was king of the office?

However, here are two portables that are enjoying a more upbeat fate as Art Objects over at the Raven Cafe. One is on a table, the other is taking the place of a painting, hanging, space bar down, on a wall.

All of which reminded me that I still have my IBM correctable, wide-carriage Executive in Stash, in the event computers are declared illegal or some such catastrophe. Do note the color: R.E.D! One of my proud possessions from an earlier age. Of course, it is kind of silly of me to hold on to an electric; if civilization collapses, a manual typewriter is the only possible solution. A Royal, preferably.


Hermano said...

Somewhere in the depths of the house there is a Remington "Silent writer" portable. Portable meaning that it's in a case with a handle. Of course, the typwriter and case weigh about thirty pounds. So much for portability. Unfortunately, I've never cotton oned to making the ribbon work properly also it is Elite type and I prefer Pica.


stitchwort said...

"if civilisation collapses" - will there be much need for typewritten documents?

Good running shoes and a knife might be more valuable!

Anonymous said...

I learned to type on the Underwoode Touch-Master 5. I had a heavy hand stroke and when I moved on to electric, it took forever to lighten up the fingers.

sheoflittlebrain said...

A red typewriter is YOU, gj! I believe you have an Apple pc. Is it one of those vivid colors?

Catalyst said...

Like Steve, I had difficulty in switching to the electric machines. Then i had to get simple again with the computer keyboard. I used to collect old typewriters but I guess they went in the big yard sale when we moved to Mexico back in the 80's.

Lucy said...

Stockpiling the ribbons might be an idea in the event of civilisation collapsing; if need be one could use them as trip wires or for strangling in the fight for survival...
The red one is really very swish.

Granny J said...

Bro -- That kind of "portable" reminds me of my first commercial computer, an Osborne.

Stitch -- You're so right -- perhaps I was thinking of writing a novel on a desert island...

Steve -- I always liked the touch on the Royal. Hated the silents.

Brain -- For a long time that red typewriter was a prize possession. As for the Mac, my big screen unit is my very first Apple. And Steve Jobs gave up on those colored jobs -- it's computer color. Besides, he didn't have a R.E.D. one.

Cat-A -- Going through all those adjustments of touch over the years is a real reminder of the history of office machines!

Lucy -- that's assuming one has typewriter ribbon to go with the portable (and I believe I might have one of those in the basement...)

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