Friday, August 03, 2007

The Big House Party

The llama named Lawana on my keyboard -- what could be more symbolic of a young grandchild in the house? But the house has been full. First dotter and GD arrived, then came the Niece from Memphis and her dotter. What resulted? A lot of plain but pleasant hanging out together.

A GD discovering the cartwheel -- almost.

And getting decorated into clown mode by the Niece.

Dancing with the Memphis cousin.

And a lot of R*E*A*D*I*N*G! Dotter ordered the book, BTW.

There was a visit and dinner party for my Mom and her grandchildren.

All of this activity took place when the dotter wasn't frantically making final preparations for flying herself, GD, two cats and three turtles to her new home in Alaska. Who knows if she would have made her plane had the Niece from Memphis not been here to help! The dotter's entourage has arrived safely in Alaska, tomorrow night the Niece and her dotter do Othello, and we're visiting an antique auto show and another resale shop during the day. Great fun, wonderful company. A house party to beat all house parties!


Hermano said...

It's gunna be a tad quiet, albit lonely, when Sissy & Chelsea head East. I hope that ajusting to new circumstances won't be too difficult.


Lori Witzel said...

What a beautiful family time you've shared!

Thanks for giving us all a peek, and that lil' one looks like she'll get cartwheels down in no time.

sheoflittlebrain said...

Great pix gj..Did everyone get to finish Harry or were there multiple copies?
Your Mom looks great! Love the picture of her laughing.

Steve G said...

Sounds like a nice, but hectic visit. Nice shots.

Granny J said...

Bro -- yes, it will be very lonely, tho I'll have my Max cat & the database from Hell to keep me company until you fly the Pacific.

Lori -- they're wonderful people, each & every one of them. I'm sure that the little one will do a cartwheel if they find a property up in AK where Daddio can put a H*O*R*S*I*E!

Brain -- The niece's dotter got hooked on an SF series I handed over to her & so she will maybe have to take Harry with her...

Steve -- It's been hectic -- especially since I'm taking advantage of Niece's rental car to get to out-of-the-way
events I wouldn't otherwise visit. Like today's antique car show...

Lucy said...

I was wondering how you didn't end up fighting over the one copy of HP!
Lovely, warm-hearted pictures; your mum looks great.

Granny J said...

Lucy -- It worked out well -- the book arrived while only the dotter was here, so that Niece from Memphis could start in on HP; as for her dotter, I got her hooked on Catherine Asaro.

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