Monday, August 06, 2007

Waving the Flag

Don't know if it's current politics or what -- but I've seen more flags around and about this year than is usual. It may just be that the big flag factory in China has doubled production. In any event, flags are definitely in this year. On sale everywhere, too. Today, the Niece from Memphis took me out to Home Depot to get a few more flowers and a replacement hose for the ratty item I'm currently using and there was this casual bucket of flags for one's yard. Very interesting -- these flags, unlike most, had been prewaved. No need for wind any more with one of these.


Lucy said...

Like the one they put on the moon!

Granny J said...

Lucy -- You're so right; maybe that's where they got the idea.

Lane said...

Maybe we should get a prewaved flag of the moon to put down here!

Granny J said...

Lane -- just one more of the improvement to our lives that was originated by NASA.

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