Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Grass in Bloom

On my walk this evening, I was reminded that we have entered the season when all the grasses are blooming. What an invitation to photography!

What an invitation to frustration. To turn the camera on is to invite the breezes and an unexpected blur.

Nonetheless, occasionally, one gets a picture of tiny little blossoms hanging down from the dangles on a stem.

And the variety is wonderful.

My neighbor took her dogs to walk out at Pioneer Park yesterday. She said that, thanks to the July rains, the grasses out there are stomach-high -- a horse's stomach, that is. She promises to show me these range grasses.

The grasses here are all city grasses; undoubtedly one or more is a wicked invasive, but as I look at the pictures, I really don't give a damn!

More Links: The latest mural is done -- I know because the final panel has ravens looking on critically -- and Paul over at PrescottStyle has a post and link to a Flikr slide show of the entire 90 feet. Sheoflittlebrain alerted me to the remarkable photo of a hawk moth at Arizona Babylon; it's hard to believe the tongue on that critter. But don't overlook the hawk sitting at her site, BTW.


Hermano said...

Do the bloomimg grasses bring on a red drippy nose as in days of yore?


Granny J said...

Aw, Bro-- here I present you with some purty spikes of grass & all you can think of is hay fever! Answer is that only have hay fever among the lawn grass in bloom down in Phx. Other than being slightly allergic to my dear cat...

quilteddogs said...

I need to learn to develop the patience you have in picture taking. I think these would have been difficult shots to take.

Anonymous said...

We have more grass/moss than we can use. Yesterday my electric lawn mower died on me. I may not cut the green stuff again until next year.


Granny J said...

I'll let you in on my secret, QD, when it comes to difficult subjects, I take a lot of exposures and pick the best of the lot. That's one thing I love about digital -- You don't spend an arm and a leg doing this!

Steve -- I'm with you, except that living into a hillside, I don't have a single blade of lawn grass to begin with. Most of the city grasses that I take pictures of are differing forms of bunch grass, as a rule, rather than bermuda or some such thatch-y sod sort of ground cover.

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