Saturday, August 18, 2007

Just for You, Bro -- Some Antique Cars

That wasn't my plan for the day, but, hey, I ran into yet another classic/antique auto show in between visiting the model railroad swap meet and the finale of the cowboy poets. And you were asking for antiques! Admittedly, the bright sun frying Cortez Street wasn't nearly as pleasant as the Watson Lake Park venue (above) from two weeks ago, but there were a couple of winners today.

Take this 19-aught-6 Brush, one cylinder roadster. It deserves the appellation "antique" if any car does.

This is the "interior" of the Brush. The sign said that somewhere in the vicinity of 36,000 vehicles were made by this pioneer firm.

A fine coupe out at Watson Lake Park. Was there ever an attached container for luggage, etc. or is this the complete configuration?

A racy model. Possibly a rumble seat? Boy, do I recall the night Pop drove the family across the California desert to Grandpa's in Riverside, with us in the rumble seat, freezing because our blanket was billowing way above us and providing no warmth at all!

Good ole boys discuss the finer points of yesterday's cars; a neat coupe in the background.

Here is one of its unusual-looking wheels; below, another original wheel with wooden spokes.

Definitely a rumble seat here, plus a real Trunk for belongings.

This red roadster I saw today on Cortez and several weeks earlier (below) driving through town.

Another coupe. Not bad, but not nearly as classy as the model below.

Antique, yes, but.... Today it's driven as a street rod, with the chromed engine open for all to admire. Sort of like going out in one's underwear to show off the muscles, I'd say.

In closing, a big project for the ambitious car freak. $1500 worth of chassis; who knows how much investment in recovery!


Hermano said...

In a way, you answered your first question with the red roadster with a TRUNK tacked onto it's posterior. Them vehicles didn't have and inbuilt luggage carrier hence a trunk or box was added. The preponderence of small wheels was disconcerting--even on the the restorable car. The silvery coupe would look more impressive with original size tyres--no doubt hard to get though. Tnx for the photos.


Lucy said...

I'm sure I remember at a vintage car rally as a kid a car that was covered with soft padded green leather, on the outside!

Avus said...

Nice shots of interesting old vehicles. They have so much character, don't they? I used to restore vintage motorcycles until the prices got ridiculous.

Granny J said...

Bro -- I'm surprised that some enterprising type hasn't stepped up to provide newly made wheels of the proper size to suit the old vehicles, but then there's the road-worthiness issue, as my neighbor pointed out.

Lucy -- are you sure it wasn't moss?

Avus -- Surprising how prices have got to be ridiculous on all sorts of things. On the other hand, I occasionally find an item I want at a collectible stall at a price better than new.

smilnsigh said...

Grrrrrrrrrrrreat photos!!!


Granny J said...

SnS -- it helps loads when the subject matter, such as antique cars, is so Great!

stitchwort said...

Even my Dear Husband, who cannot see the point of blogs (!), was fascinated by these.
Thank you.

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