Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas notes from all over town

I guess that I'm more than somewhat weird. On the one hand, I celebrate Christmas, with a capital "C", not some vague "holidays" or "seasons". On the other hand, I'm pretty lazy about all the presumed "duties" that go along with the holiday, for example, all that shopping. In my book, if gifting isn't fun and a pleasure, it isn't worthwhile doing. And it's been years since I indulged in Christmas cookery.

There are many, many aspects of Christmas that I really enjoy. Family time, always. But also catching the artist in the act of decorating a store window. However, I must admit that as a scientific purist, I'm disturbed by all the 4- and 8-sided snowflakes I've seen this year (see below for example.)

And, of course, we have the trends. Biker Santas, for one. I saw the first one over at the True Value store in early November and the second on Ruth Street along with a lot of other blow-up figures...

...including Pooh characters that apparently the Disney folk have declared to be an official part of Christmas. Don't mind Pooh characters at Christmas, tho I really do object to the Disney commercialization!

Now here's the perfect gift package for a certain kind of guy (or woman, for that matter.) The Bro, who had a sports car fling during his younger years, truly admired this MG on display at the new Batterman's showroom on Gurley.

Of course, you would expect me to admire the new trend toward decking out one's ride for the holidays. Just surprised that I haven't seen more Christmas cars this year. Last year, there was a VW bug with strings of lights.

Nice angels next the gas log out at our city's little airport.

A collection of seasonal decorative objects at Samaritan Village ... and a invitation to to a holiday kiss in the lobby at Las Fuentes (below.)

Also at Samaritan Village, where my Mom is now staying, is a very traditional Christmas tree, complete to crocheted snow flake (6-sided, of course.) But then I have one friend who was complaining that there weren't any Western items for his yule tree. He had definitely not been over to Watters' annual Christmas tree display. Below is a perfect set of lights for him!

I kinda like the hat-on-a-hat decoration I spotted somewhere. Sounds somewhat like a Dr. Seuss idea.

And what could be more symbolic of Christmas and the spirit of giving than the traditional Salvation Army bell ringer over in front of Albertson's. I can think of just one thing: a traditional Salvation Army brass duo or trio belting out carols on a cold downtown corner in Chicago.

And Another: Turns out that Ronni, whose blog I introduced yesterday, has a husband who also blogs (as well as doing other techie things and flying airplanes). You can see what he has to say at The Flying Beagle.


Jan said...

Another delightful stroll around town with granny j!

I'd have to say that my favorites were the traditional snowflake, the free mistletoe, and the cowboy boots Christmas lights!

Granny J said...

jan -- it's hard to pick my favorites, tho those cowboy boots are right up there! In the post, I forgot to mention how much I enjoy Christmas music!

Tracy said...

My dad would really like the Santa. Wonder if they have any of those around here....

Granny J said...

tracy -- I'd check out the local True-Value hardware store affiliate (or, for that matter, WalMart). Either might possibly have such a Santa.

Bill said...

Thanks for the link to my blog. This is Ronni's husband, and yes, I do lots of other things, like web design and photography. I was thinking I could take you for a plane ride, but then you wouldn't be walking Prescott, would you? :)

Granny J said...

Hmmmm! A real temptation. After all, I do take pix from cars every chance I get!

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