Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Postman Cometh

One wouldn't want one's mailbox to look naked, would one? It just wouldn't be seemly. Especially in a fine, upstanding Southern city like Memphis. The bro came back with these pictures of strange fortified receptacles for one's catalogs, junk, bills and Christmas cards.

In an area of fine brick houses, of course. Note the nice touch with the red flag. Bro did query and found out that, on occasion, a car backs into one of these steles and all comes tumbling down.

Compare those camouflaged tin boxes with the upfront approach offered by commercially available mailbox wallpaper. In all manner of subjects, from the ridiculous to the not-so-ridiculous. A lot more fun and flexible.

While the subject is postal, here's an old fashioned approach to mail that was retired to the museum down in Skull Valley. These boxes were housed in one section of the general store for years until Uncle finally ponied up for a separate new PO for the rural area. Whatever. I continue to be fascinated with the many ways our mail containers reflect our approach to life in general.


quilteddogs said...

Granny J:
I have to say that we have one of the brick (or stucco) enclosed mailboxes as do many of my neighbors. I think the biggest reason for that is it reduces their susceptability to kids coming along in cars and bashing them down with baseball bats. The mailbox came that way with the house but if it didn't I don't know if I would pony up the money to enclose it.

Granny J said...

QD -- it never occured to me that one's mailbox needs heavy-duty protection against the louts. How much more uncivilized can we get?

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