Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Small music

My dotter credited me with introducing her to what she calls Big Music -- Berlioz ... Mahler ... Beethoven ... Carl Orff. You know the drill: major symphonic and choral works for tens and fifties of professional musicians (maybe hundreds when it comes to Wagner.) When she was in her teens, we periodically enjoyed a mother-daughter dinner downtown followed by a Chicago symphony concert -- and a taxicab ride home along Lakeshore Drive. Elegant, that.

And big music that, except for the evening that Carlo Maria Giulini dismissed over half the orchestra to play an exquisitely delicate Mozart divertimento. All of which brings me to my subject: small music, which abounds here in Prescott. Interesting venues, too.

For example, I had never enjoyed a house concert until recent years in Prescott. Friend Georgene regularly schedules the two Jims (Jones and Wilson) to sing of cowboy life. (Yes, you are right -- that is His Honor, the Mayor, in this year's audience...)

The public library is another location for small music -- performances by talented groups of local musicians (and soloists, too). Every third Friday of the month, what is billed as a chamber music program. I am reminded that chamber music encompasses much more than the string quartets, trios and quintets one hears on NPR. Instead, it includes all manner of small instrumental ensembles, such as the flute trio led by Beverly Chesterby (above).

Or a brass group from Yavapai College. Playing a Gabrielli canzona. Like Wow! Well, they could have been playing in a cathedral, but then one can't have everything!

Time for applause. I'll be looking into more small music events this winter.


Anonymous said...

Nice. Small music can be enjoyable.


Granny J said...

Hey, steve -- I've got a link up now. Everybody -- take a look at Steve's European red squirrel. It's a beautiful critter, almost as fancy as an Abert's squirrel!

TomboCheck said...

Great info. Never knew that they did this at the library!

Granny J said...

Hi Tombo -- the library has lots & lots of programs, some of which get listed in the Courier (usually 1x/week in The Scene.) You might check their website.

Granny J said...

Oops!!! I just gave everybody the website for the Prescott WISCONSIN website. Here's the right link.

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