Friday, December 28, 2007

Good Granite

When I first saw the bright, taxi-yellow truck, I didn't read it and I wondered where it was going to take that mud colored glass. And why. Then I got a closer look.

Gorgeous stuff. That truck can drive right up to my house and the men can start doing my counters right this instant! As my friend and I figured it, the truck was sitting there on Gurley Street to advertise the shop's wares during this slow time for construction.

More slices for your admiration, tho friend and I wonder just what the "rain forest viewing room" is all about! I had always associated granites with mountainous states, not jungles.

I should mention the lecture from the stepson, who pointed out that one should calculate the total cost of kitchen counters, not just the material. When he built a new house, he did those calculations, figuring that the labor was just as expensive for the cheapest melamine. He went with the granite. Speaking of which, if you want to see a splendid public loo with walls, floors and ceilings paved with granite, hop over to the Prescott College Crossroads Center. The story of why is here.

Still More Local Bloggers: Ric & Debbi are moving into town from Arcosanti, blogging along the way; they also have some interesting area pix at Flickr. And, if you get a chance, you should meander over to the One Acre Wood to read about Samantha, the bassett bitch who could care less about motherhood.


Anonymous said...

Granny, you're a class act. I'm glad I found your blog.
I love your photography.

Anonymous said...

The Granite looks nice.

k said...

granny j, every time I come here your photos seem more and more beautiful. Which seems impossible, right there.

Lord above. I WANT that granite! Ow! Ow! Ow!

sheoflittlebrain said...

I want that granite too! Butiful pix, GJ..what a sharp eye you have!

Thanks for the link:) also for the link to Ric and Debbi. I like their blog and their pictures, and bookmarked them.

sheoflittlebrain said...

beautiful pix:)

I saw that butiful and it made me think of a friend who asked her granddaughter what she was learning in school and got the answer, "compooter."

Catalyst said...

The "why" of the Prescott College loo: could it be all the builders were stoned?

Granny J said...

ad -- thanks so much for your compliment -- I'm enjoying the company of the camera!

steve -- another thanks. I can see why people want it on their kitchen counters.

k -- you and me both!

brain -- well, I just loved the tale of the Bassett bitch & felt everyone else would, too. Butiful or beautiful, I love that granite!

kate said...

Siiigh... that's *lovely*.

I am on the Granny J admiration train, of course. :-)

Granny J said...

Hey, Cat-A -- somehow you got lost when I replied to a batch of comments. About those loos -- nobody was stoned (last I heard.) Nope, it was more a matter of making a super-fine lemonade from a donation....

Kate -- if we all were rich, that granite outfit would be busy for at least a couple of years!Can you imagine your shower pannelled in that gorgeous stone?

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