Thursday, December 20, 2007

Trucks areel

It's not often one happens across a mobile spool. Since I've met up with reeling trucks twice now, it's time for a post! Above and below is a vehicle that delivers and probably pays out heavy-duty, overhead electric line. A fine specimen, eh?

Sorry I didn't get the full picture of this truck; however, its reel was up front with plenty of dials and indicators for guys to play with; it appears to handle liquids of some sort. Doesn't look like the local honey wagons, however, which aren't nearly as preposessing.

More New Blogs: New entries on both the Arizona list and the Rest of the World list. Tombo's Blog is another Prescott offering, while World Photos 4 is from an old online friend in Germany, who is currently fascinated with his European red squirrel.


TomboCheck said...

Thanks for the mention!! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear GJ, you are super. Thanks for the mention. I see that a few folks have already stopped by from your blog.

Granny J said...

tombo -- I try hard to keep up with local bloggers & what they're up to. Hope I bring you some biz...

steve -- always glad to be of help. Besides, that's a beautiful squirrel you've got there.

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