Tuesday, December 18, 2007

In praise of paper

Perhaps you are old enough to remember that famous, fatuous prediction of the paperless office, courtesy the computer age. Hah! At this point, I am much more concerned with how to make use of all the excess paper churned out by my computer's printer. Of course. But then I have a love affair with paper. I like books. I like magazines and newspapers (remember those?). I like note pads and sticky notes to keep my mind functioning. In short, I'm a throw-back to an earlier age -- even though my husband started me on home computers in the 70s and today I love blogging. Nonetheless....

...what could beat the standard coloring set-up offered to young children by any restaurant worth its salt. (I grant that the coloring book above is a cut above average, thank you, Genovese's). I kinda doubt that even the most upscale, priciest bistro would entrust a tablet PC with a display of coloring.com to a greasy fingered kid.

But then my GD finds myriad uses for paper using her basic tool set -- markers, scissors and glue.

For example, she made this house which now sits on my slide scanner. It's a 3-D production. The door and window open, to reveal household equipment inside.

This nearly-6-year-old is also into making books. Real Books. Oh, yes, she's learning phonics. The title of this opus is Pesct Valle; I am presuming that's a genuine valley girl on the cover...

As you can see, this book has several pages (made, after much protestation, from some of the excess from my printer...) She, too, would prefer pristine white paper.

But if you're looking for high class paper pizazz, here it is. A 10-finger set of ferocious paper claws. Admittedly, the dotter found the instructions via The All-Knowing Google. I found something yet more grand: a site with Star Wars origami. A true coming together of the paper culture and the computer culture. I really like that.


OmegaMom said...

I do love the Valle grrl.

In actuality, the instructions you linked were confusing to me, so we used these instructions instead.

I don't like Blogger's new sign-in; they used to have one where you could sign in with ANY combo of username/URL, and now you can't. Bah.


meggie said...

Oh that GD is so talented, & so clever. I love the illustrations, the book, the wonderful claws.
She shines with inner beauty, that girl!!

Granny J said...

Pooh on Blogger for making the dotter unhappy! I hadn't realized how difficult it waas making things for non-Blogger bloggers.

meggie -- isn't she an absolutely great GD?

Catalyst said...

O.K. I tried it using Omegamom's instructions. I ended up with a mess . . and no claw. Maybe that's why I quit being a Physics major and hated Geometry.

Jadee said...

My kids are using coloring.com and thecolor.com. Both are very good sites, only that I fond the thecolor.com to have more stuff for kids to color online.

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