Monday, April 07, 2008

The eyes have it

So you go through the doors...

...and there before you are infernal machines! Scary stuff.

Until you use flash, at which point, you have to admire all that cool optics -- and realize that Bausch & Lomb has always had other profit centers than their photographic lenses. I was there with the Doctors Rummel to see about replacing my right eye; that is, the lens for my right eye, where the cataract is prospering, unlike my vision. Bless the eye surgeons for the strides they have made in the past 40-50 years; my left eye is as sharp as can be, thanks to the miracles of modern science.
Nonetheless: how would you like to wake up in the middle of the night with this apparat staring down at you?

Linkages: Maria Langer, who flies choppers out of Wickenburg as well as blogging, has posted a very, very cool picture of the new Colorado River bridge going up just south of Boulder Dam. You might want to read an interesting article about water politics in a recent Courier and, if you have time, mosey over to Flickr to flick through Tombo's walking tour of the funkier side of Prescott's streets and alleys; I'd swear that if he cut out about 1/4 of the pix, his Prescott would bear a strong resemblance to Ash Fork!


Anonymous said...

My left eyeball is in about the same shape as your right one, I'll probably will follow your example later this year.

I'm using anon as the automatic AC that I had no longer pops up in the identity slot and I was bounced for wrong password--bah.


Anonymous said...

I'm still able to read without glasses, but need them to drive.

Maria said...

Thanks for the link! Glad you liked the picture.

TomboCheck said...

After a few years of putting it off, I finally got glasses a few months ago. I'm desperately (and pointlessly) hoping that they won't get any worse. Ever.

And thanks for the link! :)

Granny J said...

bro -- I forget my Google password, but have discovered that I can go in through the Name/URL button & supply the same information & it works as a rule. You might try that.

steve -- you're a fortunately one! And, I'll bet, a helluva lot younger than I.

maria -- that's the first I've seen of the new construction from overhead. That will be one wonderful view once the span is completed.

tombo -- you had a lot of pix there that I wish I had seen!!

JuliaR said...

I am amazed at the progress they have made in eye-work. In the olden days, if you had cataracts removed, you had to lie with your head sandbagged for days, motionless. No reading Proust even! I had laser eye surgery in 2001 and love the results. Before that, it was called radial keratotomy and they used little knives to slice up your cornea. Even so, with the modern laser, I couldn't read leisurely for a few days, so no Proust then either. I did listen to "The Green Mile" on tape however. :)

Granny J said...

God bless 'em! My daughter had radial kertomoy in the mid 90s -- her grandmother was on her case about doing it to get rid of those thick glasses (for beauty's sake, actually). The daughter finally gave in; I recall how, at nearly 40, she saw the stars for the first time.

meggie said...

It is a wonder how far eye surgery has come along. I would love to do without my glasses in the summer, for coolness reasons!

Granny J said...

meggie -- point well taken!

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