Monday, April 21, 2008

Not open for business on Gurley

OK, it makes sense -- somebody is finally living in one of those second floor spaces that downtown is full of. For a long time, this door appeared to be of little use. Perhaps the talk about $million condos or lofts for city living prompted other landlords to reconsider their empty upstairs quarters.

So, that's one non-business door taken care of. Now here's another, right next the ATM of the bank on the corner of Gurley and Cortez. The bank has big elegant, polished brass doors for customers. I wonder where this door leads.

Strangest of all is the red door next to the Lone Spur. It does not appear to be related to either of the businesses that abut. Does it get used? If so, I repeat -- where does it lead. There's something very strange about mysterious, unidentified doors on major business streets.


Anonymous said...

Granny J, back when we had the Courthouse Coffee Shop, next door to what is now the Lone Spur, I had a chance to go through those red doors upstairs. They lead to a grand entry staircase, up to a 9000sq.ft. open lobby with a central reception desk and offices. All of which is still in original historic condition, wainscot, transom entry doors, original Sash windows etc. The owner is a spinster in California who at one time owned most of the Cortez St buildings. Someday it could be a fantastic office space, but the owner is super reluctant to sell.

Anonymous said...

The door next to the ATM probably opens into the machine's maintenance area. A colleague's husband used to work on ATMs. Typically, he accessed them from inside the bank. But, if it's a standalone ATM, that is, not anywhere near the bank, then he had to use an outside access door to reach it and fix it.

~Anon in AV.

TomboCheck said...

I've always wondered about a few of those doors myself. As well as some on whiskey row and cortez st. Very cool info from Prescottstyle's comment!

Anonymous said...

Good questions and good answers.

Granny J said...

style -- I do thank you for this fascinating info; I have often wondered about what appear to be unoccupied 2nd floor premises in the middle of downtown.

anon av -- actually, tho, that ATM should be accessible from within the bank, which is right there. I wouldn't trust what looks like an easily broken door if I were an ATM minder.

tombo -- I suspect that downtown upstairs-es have suffered from the modern mall model, in which all things are one floor only and if one really has to use a second floor, then an escalator is in order -- don't expect a contemporary person to actually Climb Stairs!

steve -- I love it when I get answers. I was hoping that Prescottstyle would fill us in on the history of the Courtyard Building (hint, hint).

Anonymous said...

I've often fantasized about living in the abandoned second stories of a city that has an interesting downtown. Then I'd call up my car insurance company and cancel the policy.

I just assumed the second stories were wasted because renovating them would cost too much. (Asbestos, electrical codes, etc.)

Prescottstyle said...

Thanks for thinking of me about the Courtyard Building, but I have nothing to add. Although I like that building because of a psuedo Heard Museum feeling that lingers there. Courtyards are the way to go, most certainly!

Granny J said...

boonie -- similar to one of my own fantasies. We've got a couple of buildings here in town that I look at periodically, but one has already been condo-ized.

style -- I'm still curious as to the history of that building. Maybe I should quiz the Sharlot Hall museum. Or one of the Ruffner ladies.

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