Tuesday, June 09, 2009


For a symbol of childhood fun, how about the balloon. Whether it's those long thinsies that party entertainers fashion into butterflies and dragons or plain old fashioned blow-em-up round ones, a balloon says everybody had a good time. Yes, even if the kids are too tired out to walk home from the party down Park Avenue (below).

Balloons -- the hot air variety -- are just plain fun for grown-ups, too. They regularly fly early in the day down in the desert north of Phoenix, which is why I have seldom seen them. It is difficult to get me out of bed before nine in the morning. I might do it for a ride in one of those beautiful balloons, however.

Links of the Day: Here is one spectacular video of the hawk's eye view of flight (especially remarkable is the goshawk speeding though the trees of a forest -- like something out of Star Wars). Moving from the sublime to the ridiculous, two videos of cats who not only use the potty but unfortunately learned other bathroom rituals (just for Catalyst and any other readers whose pets are of the feline persuasion.) And from Warren is a link to an article in the Tucson Star about a Muffler Man from the same mold as our Fair Street giant.


Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

The hawks flight/s brought to mind my dreams of flying as a young'un, of course I did it by flapping my arms.


The Frame and I said...

I used to watch the hot air baloons a lot when I lived in Phoenix - it was fun to see so many of them at one time.

Granny J said...

bro -- hot air is about as good as us grounded birds can do without a big lot of machinery. Too bad. Of course, there was always the flying belt that was a mainstay in Buck Rogers.

frame -- I'm always taken aback when the sky is filled with balloons -- not something I am expecting.

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