Sunday, June 28, 2009

Home improvement for the vines

Thanks to requests for contraband seeds from out of state, my many morning glories are about to take off climbing. Right now, the skies the limit. But I've been concerned that 1) there isn't enough room on the few sticks that comprise the "arbor" on my staircase landing and 2) they are too short. Some time ago, I made mental plans for a taller "arbor" with members extending much higher. After all, the longer and higher the vines climb, the longer they blossom.

Fortunately, I currently have a household labor force visiting: the grandchildren from Louisiana. Grandson was armed with the handy bow saw and and sent with his sister up the hill into the big mountain mahogany patch where the tall, reasonably straight stems grow.

Once the requested 8-9 poles were cut, the team gathered them up, proceeded down the hill and through the house to carry them down stairs. Yes, they could have climbed all the way down outside the house; they just didn't think of it... Kids, you know.

Next step, trimming all those little side branches, twigs and leaves, finally mounting the poles along side the previous sticks to offer more places for the flowers to clamber. (To answer the question about the hairdo, the cutting and trimming happened yesterday. Today, the arbor was finished just before Omegamom and the other granddaughter arrived from Alaska. Full house.)

A high cross piece holds the poles in a more orderly pattern. We could have used yet another cross piece about two-three feet higher, but that was a bit too much of a project for the current work team. Aren't grandkids wonderful (even if they drag a sheaf of mountain mahogany cutoffs through the living room to get downstairs)?

Behold: before (above) and after (below).


Maureen said...

Such beautiful grandchildren!

C. Marie Byars said...

Ah, yes. Summer in Prescott & all the events!!! I was going into Safeway on Monday & saw you doing the shoot on the swallows, but I didn't want to interrupt your work & introduce myself. (I had 2 "yung 'uns" with me who would have really interrupted.) Anyway, have a good one!

Kathleen said...

How fun! I agree about the grandchildren ;-) even when they track mud everywhere, too! LOL! Yours are very precious!

azlaydey said...

And besides being useful,It was free, creative and a reminder of your wonderful, beautiful grandchildren every time you go down the stairs.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see photos of the growing vines and new blossoms!

~Anon in AV.

Anonymous said...

They do good work.

Warren said...

Nice sequence on the harvesting and construction of your new trellis -- think of the passing through the house as part of a ritual ceremony...

Granny J said...

maureen -- they are indeed!

cmarie -- you should have stopped; I like to meet other local bloggers, as you can tell...

frame -- two of the three will leave for home on Thursday; I will miss them. All are up at Crown King today.

lady -- yes, an excellent & useful reminder!

anon av -- the first two (deep purple) bloomed this morning, though the vines are barely above their pots.

steve -- would you like to borrow the team? I'm sure they'd love to see Germany.

warren -- OK, since I can't do anything about it, I'll adopt your point of view.

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