Monday, June 08, 2009

The downtown Sunday scene

As I walked from the Square down to Sharlot Hall on Sunday, there were the inevitable photo ops along the way. Floral, for example. Above, the new hanging baskets that now adorn the street lights across from the Square; the city fathers must have read my mind when I suggested that if Palmer, Alaska, could afford hanging baskets of flowers, surely our much larger city could. Plus a different approach to flowers at Genovese's -- bright R.E.D. poppies painted right on top of that great window reflection of busy Gurley Street (below).

Sunday was a day for promenading. One's gleaming street rod, perhaps, or the crowd's bikes, up from the Valley (or maybe LA for all that matter).

Of course, vehicles belonging to exhibitors on the Square must double as good totemobiles. As for people, quite a few were in costume, such as this frontiersman who obviously needs a bewski after a day at the Folk Arts Fair.

More western themed scenes on Gurley: above, The Sheriff, a coin-op machine explaining the west, old and new; below, a cool painting of horses in the Huckeba Art Gallery.

Sandwich signs were all over the place this weekend. Fancy That with its Save Our Store sale ... the live-healthy folk with their show and tell at the St. Michael. Among others.

A reminder of one more event, in this over-crowded weekend that I missed, in the Dinner Bell window. And, below, the melancholy after-the-curtain-goes-down moment for a tourist town. Nor should one complain -- there was no trash on the sidewalk!


Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

The sheriff machine looks, almost, that it could have been a product of our Chicago rellies of long ago.


Granny J said...

bro -- yes, indeed, you are right! And it's just the sort of cheesie coin-op item they'd produce. It also has just a wee bit of the tardis about it.

Anonymous said...

Another delightful post. Prescott sure has a lot going on for a small community.

Ron Bloomquist said...

Great flowers and reflection photo.


Granny J said...

steve -- we have a lot of things going on because nobody looks at a master calendar and so the fun all piles up on a single weekend.

bragg -- I really liked that one too.

Kathleen said...

I LIke the Genovese's window, too =) And the cheesie western dude makes me laugh almost as much as the tourists' reaction to him! LOL!

Charles and Jill have lots of great things in the Huckeba Gallery. They are good friends and our 'neighbor'. Since I am at The Frame & I, I get to see what's new there all the time!

You are so right about so much happening on the weekends - during the summer it is crazy! But fun =)

Granny J said...

frame -- the summer (if we ever have one) is certainly crazy thus far. I always get a kick out of the animal paintings that show up in your neighbor's window & often photograph them.

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