Friday, June 05, 2009

NIght off!

Sorry, folks, I've had it! All would have been well had I not allowed myself to get sucked into the black hole of YouTube viewing. I think I'll blame it on Steve, whose regular reports on his Bavarian Red Squirrel menagerie, I read regularly. Somehow, I linked into a wonderful little clip of a 3-week old baby squirrel being hand fed. Next came the 1 week old, the 2-week old and the 4-week old versions. One thing led to another. Horny toads eating ants. Cute little lynx kittens and a $22G serval/leopard cat hybrid for the carraige trade. Time passed, as it will when you get hooked on YouTube. Not enough of the evening left to process pictures for a regular post! If you don't visit those YouTube sites, then do click on Miller Valley Memories, where two more old-timers have chimed in with more reminiscenses.


Anonymous said...

GJ, thanks for the mention. That little one is sure something. And hungry.

Changes in the wind said...

Hi there, I look forward to my time with you so don't be watching those video things for too long. On another note...several of us have been getting worried about Linda G. over at The One Acre Wood, do you know if she is okay?

Anonymous said...

Well, GJ, if YouTube sucks you in, don't get started with Twitter.

I was cajoled to join, I did, and now I'm on Twitter more hours than I care to admit.

Twitter = microblogging.

~Anon in AV.

Catalyst said...

I know what you mean about You Tube. But when I find one I like, like your little red squirrel reference, I watch it over and over.

The Frame and I said...

roflol - that can happen to just about anyone! Thanks for the links!

Granny J said...

steve -- isn't he just!

windy -- I should be back in form for LindaG, she's been awfully busy, but OK. I'll prod herto produce!

anon av -- I don't twit, but do check in on the Dotter periodically.

frame -- maybe I'm suffering from TV-deprivation & should re-sub to cable. OTOH, I don't think I need any more time-eaters.

TomboCheck said...

Yeah, YouTube will do that. All of a sudden it's three in the morning and you are watching videos of babies laughing and dogs howling, wondering where you went wrong.

Granny J said...

tombo -- that's why I turned off the cable and usually avoid YouTube -- video works in Real Time, which eats up one's limited lifespans a lot more than merely reading/looking! Besides, the SciFi channel became pretty ho-hum, but I do find that I am left out of a lot of social conversations these days.

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