Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Older Olds

Posting will be sporadic the next three weeks: Sson and family (no guest cat this time) now here for two weeks, with Omegamom & Omegagranddotter arriving next week for a crossover visit & big family get together. (I love it, as you can imagine.) I've even been invited to the rodeo, which will be a first for me after all these years in Prescott!

In the meantime, back at the Square this past weekend, one of two car shows. All were Oldsmobiles. And it was a different experience, too: no street rods. The antique cars all had proper antique wheels (and antique spares for that matter), which should make my Aussie bro happy. Then there was (below) this reminder of my earliest car memories -- a rumble seat! My pop had a Star roadster; my bro and I always rode in the rumble seat. I recall the family driving across the Arizona-California desert at night (the only time of day to travel the desert back then). Bro & I nearly froze because 1) the desert is so very cold at night and 2) the wind was billowing the one blanket that we kids shared.

This roadster also has a rumble seat, not to mention handsome wire wheels, including the two spares.

A classy sedan. Aint' she sweet? While you're admiring, be sure to enjoy the reflections on all the highly polished surfaces.

Here are the 2nd and 3rd oldest cars. I liked the fact that the vehicles were lined up by age, with the oldest right there at the spot where I arrived, all just waiting for my picture taking pleasure.

Above, a representative from the late 1930s? And below, a post WWII convertible? I'm not a car hipster, so don't take my word for the time periods. But, again, enjoy those reflections.

Here, the most recent of the Olds I photographed -- it was time to merge into the Tsunami crowd; besides, I wasn't as interested in the later models. BTW, are all three of those California plates?


Catalyst said...


Jarart said...

Great pictures of the old Olds.

Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

I cheated a little bit, but here's the good oil(scoop, data, info, drum): the dark blue sedan is vintage 1935, the maroon convertable 1939, the greeny grey 1940 and the pillar box red convertable 1950--my pre-google guesses were within a year.

My greetings to Bob and the mob and naturally OM & OD, hopefully you'll get to ride in the deutchesvan.


Warren said...

Great lineup of cars/history! Ah, if those cars could talk... The roads they have traveled, the things they have seen...

Anonymous said...

GJ, nice shots. Wish I was there.

Granny J said...

cat-A -- Aren't they just?

jarart -- they were so neat it would be hard to get a bad shot!

bro -- I thought I could count on you to deliver the hot poop (intel, skinny, score) on all those beautiful vehicles.

steve -- too bad Bavaria is so far away!

Anonymous said...

What, no "curved dash" Oldsmobile? I never knew why that was famous, but it's always written up like it was.


Lucy said...

What wonderful old cars!

I was very interested in the swallows too; ours don't nest quite like that, they use some plant fibres as well as spitty mud, and I've nver seen them in gruops like that...

Have a great time with your family. BTW, that alder was an aspen, you were right!

Granny J said...

warren -- I am somehow reminded of an old TV seri4s, Route 66.

anon av -- curved dash???

lucy -- aren't they grand? As for the swallows, that's a very small number compared to some colonies! And an aspen in France? Yes, they are pretty enough trees to export, but I am surprised. Or do they grow naturally in Brittany?

Avus said...

Lovely old Oldsmobiles, Granny. I particulary coveted that red convertible, 4th from bottom.
"Curved Dash" Oldsmobile was the first massed produced car in 1901. Have a look at:
to delight in it.

Granny J said...

avus -- good to see you again! Thank you for the answer to that question. I'm headed to the Wikipedia.

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