Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New river sandals

I was introduced to river sandals on one of our first outings after we moved to Prescott. Up at the west branch of the top of Sycamore Canyon, near Whitehorse Lake in the Kaibab. Climbers favor the head of one small canyon they call Paradise Point; on that particular day, two of the climbers were wearing river sandals -- and I knew I wanted a pair. Basic plain they were: a few straps (adjustable) and a sole. That was it.

I later learned that the design was originated by Teva. However, I located a better pair at Lands' End; the strap at the back was also adjustable on this pair, which I've worn for more years than I care to count. Even in winter with my Dr. Seuss Polartec sox to keep my feet warm. (Don't worry -- if it gets colder, I change to my faux Uggs.)

Unfortunately, as time has passed, the footwear people began fancying up their river sandals. For instance, covering more of the foot (above). Or adding straps (below). Tho this pair is reasonably minimal, not all the straps are adjustable.

I've been worrying that one of these days, the straps on my pair will give up. What to do, what to do? Dither. And then, just the other day, I saw the ad for genuine, basic basic river sandals and on sale. Hoohah-- with the family here with wheels, a ride over to the source -- the Big Five sporting goods store in PV.

(Just in passing, I was impressed by this chap, who saw that the exercise equipment was better suited to trying on footwear than the simple benches that the store provided.)

And so here are my new sandals. The figured straps are a bit noisier than I like, but a black magic marker can take care of that problem. On the other hand, every set of straps opens and can be fitted however one prefers. Cool.

Linkages: 1) Amusing French advertising video. 2) A visit to a local petroglyph site. 3) Another local blog you might find interesting. 4) Sadira's wonderful Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

Blogger Get Together Sunday: 2:30 p.m., the day after the 4th, at Flinn Park. My dotter, OmegaMom will be there with the granddotter, so if you have kids in tow, great! The park is at 280 Josephine, just around the corner from Casa Sanchez (Josephine takes off right at the point where West Gurley takes a big bend.) Bring snacks & something to drink if you get thirsty these hot days. For more info, contact me at my grannyj-at-gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Oh, GJ, I love the sandals just the way they are, white stripey-thingies and all.

They create visual... noise, distraction, confusion?

I do like them, just as they are.

~Anon in AV.

Kathleen said...

Love the snazzy sandles - wild straps and all! *grins*

Thank you for posting a link to my blog =) I appreciate the compliment! Very fun links that you posted!

I hope to make it to the get together - not sure, though, as my daughter may have a birthday party for grandchild number two this weekend. Looking forward to meeting you all at one of these gatherings! LOL!

Granny J said...

anon av -- well, I'll try the sandals out without rendering them all black. But when it's time for the Dr. Seuss sox, I'm not so sure.

frame -- sure hope you can make it!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear me, why did you get me started on this topic? Sandals, especially in the Southwest, were invented by a Malevolence who had nothing in mind but to add to the Suffering of Mankind.

Worst of all are those Teva river sandals with a narrow heel cup and knurled rubber tops. They rub the skin raw; and that skin is already wounded by the desert air. Soon heels crack, bleed, and sting.

The rubber soles are heavy and uncushioned. Why not just cut out a piece of truck tire and make footwear out of it! A mile on the sidewalk and you're wasted.

Velcro is a disaster in footwear. It loads up with debris and fails in six months.

The only thing good about Teva sandals is that they're not Birkenstocks, so at least the owner escapes the negative cultural stereotyping

The good news is that sneakers are made with a lot of mesh, these days. They aren't that hot anymore.

Granny J said...

ah me, boonie -- I truly don't understand! You sound like a true Tenderfoot. I love having as much of my foot exposed to the air as possible & actually don't know about the Tevas -- my sandals are from Land's End & are quite comfy!

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