Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Albertson goodie stands

It's been over two years since I posted the "recipe" for GrannyJ's Famous Trail Mix, which is often my quick but reasonably nutritious lunch. Basically, any kind of dried fruit plus sunflower seeds and nuts. Tho I still buy dried fruit at Costco, Albertson's has bought my loyalty with its two goodie snack stands. These two racks are loaded up with a big variety of nuts, seeds, dried fruit plus fancy candied nuts suitable for my Monday afternoon Scrabble game with friend Patty.

All in generic-type packaging. Here's what I bought yesterday. Boy! How long has it been since I've seen Boston Baked Beans -- those are memory food, guaranteed to make me think of at least one 7-letter word. (Hah! If only!) Prices aren't bad, either.


Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

Try your sleuthing powers to find the source of Trader Vic's dried apricots and pass the info to Albertsons to your and Prescott's benefit.


Meggie said...

My kind of snacks!

Granny J said...

bro -- now that is a project and a half! The problem with those slab apricots is that they are not beautiful and orange, and thus not as likely to sell.

meggie -- and, obviously, mine!!

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