Wednesday, November 18, 2009


If you look closely at the scrub jay above, you'll note 1) a small patch of blue and 2) the color fringe that's a dead giveaway that I pushed the zoom past its optical limit. However, the news is that I actually got a nearly passable picture of the elusive jaybird. Perhaps if I had a feeder, like my SIL had up in Flag, where the Steller's jays congregated, I might be able to do better. As it is, there are several of these guys living near my house, but if I spot one and make the least move, such as peering through a camera, he's gone in a flash. So I'm half-way happy with this picture.

So why can't a blue jay be more like a spider, huh? Spider sits in my bathroom wash basin and I click away. I guess that my future is as an arachnid portrait artist.


OmegaMom said...

Verra nice arachnid!

Meggie said...

Oh Julie, that spider is very handsome...but I confess, I am still rather frightened of them, in spite of 'adopting' a few. We have Daddy Long Legs that live in our shower, & neither of us have the heart to kill them...
However, they don't look as threatening as your 'pet'.

azlaydey said...

I've tried for a long time to get a good photo of the Blue Heron and the hawks that visit my yard. I finally got one of the heron but I'm still trying to get a great one of one of the hawks.It's a challenge, but isn't it fun?

Brenda's Arizona said...

Aren't jays notorious for being 'bossy' around feeders? Not that bossy isn't acceptable... A spider is bossy without even moving!

Jarart said...

That spider is a beauty!! Do you know what kind it is? I guessed maybe a "wolf spider", but I'm not up on the arachnid names.

Steve said...

I have a woodpeck that steals hazels from the feeder and puts them in cracks of the hazel tree. Then he works on getting them open. I've gotten a few pics, but always out of focus. When he sees me he flys away. Once of these days I'll get a good one.

Kate said...

Very SCARY arachnid! If I were you I'd stick with the scrub jays. At least they look friendly. Sort of. :D

Catalyst said...

I have a friend in north Prescott who tosses a few peanuts (in the shell) out on his front deck. Bluejays come, usually a male and a female, right up to his door to pick them up.

Anonymous said...

You've made significant progress with the blue jay, GrannyJ!

Keep on hoping and trying and snapping pic,

~Anon in AV.

Granny J said...

dotter -- it was a handsome critter.

meggie -- my roomie really wasn't that big; besides, I am not prey. I hope.

lady -- thanks for the fine picture of your very own blue heron. What did you do to deserve such a fine bird?

brenda -- jays are bossy, period.

jarart -- you're right, I'm sure it was some kind of wolf spider, the kind who pounces, rather than entraps in a web.

steve -- I'm waiting to see a German woodpecker, so get on the project!

kate -- like the lady above said, jays of any kind are not friendly, they are bossy birds. Very.

cat-A -- if I thought I'd get birds, I'd try it. I am afeared that all I'd bring in are the javelina.

anon av -- it gets frustrating at times, but I'll keep trying.

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