Friday, November 06, 2009

Christmas Victoriana

This is the third year that Cookie Brinkmeyer and friends have organized a Victorian Christmas boutique to end all boutiques. Next Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Nov. 13, 14, 15) in the beautiful old Victorian house at the corner of Park and Gurley. To give you an idea of the kinds of goodies, almost all of them handmade, that will be on sale, here are pictures from the 2008 boutique. Lots of stuff there I'd like to have!

Old fashioned tree ornaments...

...plush, posh pumpkins for seasonal fall color...

...and a reminder of our other favorite American holiday, Thanksgiving.

I think the gents are supposed to be Thanksgiving pilgrims, but I find they look remarkably like Snoopy.

Looking for a gift? How about classic and simple wooden vehicles for a boy child...

...and dolls for the girls, if you're willing to give them away. Personally, I like the cat in its fancy dress, although that sulky rag doll suffering from an excess of ennui also gets my vote.

More primitives for the collector. And how about those cute little bats!

Jewelry and seasonal bags.

A fine selection of hot pads (above) and a basket full of smiley heads (below -- they might be sachets, for all I know!) Also there will be fresh baked goods (my kind of goodie), fleece blankets, sachets, decorative pillows, as well as a master knife maker who will demonstrate his craft.

One of the charities supported by the boutique is the Citizens Cemetery restoration.

Did I happen to mention that this is your chance to get a look at the inside of the historic Brinkmeyer home (above)? That, by itself, is worth the visit to the boutique.


Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

I reckon (and trust) that the charities will do well from the vending of the articles illustrated.

By the way is the new 89a the one Georgene was battling against??


Jarart said...

Thanks for the heads up on this event, Julie. I have wanted to go into that beautiful house for a while. See ya there.

Granny J said...

bro -- I'll be there to check 'em out! As for 89A, no, it's another road entirely.

jarart -- it's well worth the visit. See ya.

Meggie said...

So many fascinating items! Thanks for a chance to see them.

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