Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What's happening to Lowe's hill?

A thousand pardons, dear friends and readers, I hadn't realized what an absolutely grinch-ly post this was for Thanksgiving Day!!! Right now is the time to thank you all for your continued interest and loyalty to these almost daily notes. And I thank Blogger for making it easy for me to continue to play at being a journalista -- this adventure has been wonderful.

The cut in the hillside made when Lowe's set up shop in Prescott is a very visible eyesore. And not just when you're tooling down SR69 in the vicinity of the big box. This picture is taken from a hill to the west of Park Avenue, for heaven's sake!

A couple of closer views of the big scar, including all those white pipes, presumably to water the non-native pines that were planted up the hill.

On my most recent trip over to Costco, something was afoot. First piece of evidence, the water tank, which is always johnny-on-the-spot when a lot of earth is going to be moved.

And there's the earth, being moved. Somewhere. I certainly hope that the Lowe's landscapers have learned a thing or two about arid country plantings since their first attempt. They could still do worse than investing a couple $ thou in annual seeds: California poppies for spring, sunflowers for summer and autumn.

Apostrophe Abuse: It is almost overwhelming today; more and more plurals are spelled with an apostrophe separating the "s" from the rest of the word. Wrong. WRONG. W*R*O*N*G!!! And yet I've caught myself and others who should know better including that dang punctuation mark incorrectly. All by way of introducing Oatmeal's excellent post on the proper usage -- go there right now! And for a eyeful of how bad it is out there in the real world, visit Apostrophe Abuse.


Steve said...

GJ, I hope you have a fine day this Thanksgiving.

occupation of independence said...

Lowes' hill'side is uglier than a 'stripmine.

the Boonie

Antipodean Curmudgeon said...

I wonder if it can be seen from space a la the great wall.


Jarart said...

They sure spend a lot of money chopping our mountains off. I would think it would be cheaper and smarter to find a flat spot to build on, but what do I know. (and there are flat spots around here) Look what they did when they put in the new shopping mall.

Who can keep up with where to put an apostrophe with all those rules?
The "post on the proper usage" was a hoot to read though.

Granny J said...

steve -- thank you; I did/ A fine turkey dinner at a very good friend's.

boonie -- you're so right. I'm glad there are at least two of us curmudgeons.

bro -- interesting speculation.

jarart -- it seems to me that Lowe's got a city subsidy of some sort for that for the apostrophe, I learned the rules when I was in grammar school & they've stuck with me all this time, no problemo. I suspect that the great problem these days is that grammar lessons are a no-no in our modernized schools.

Anonymous said...

I thought that ugly scar was called Rowle hill, in honor of the ex-mayor of Prescott whose love of big box stores brought Lowe's to town just when the construction boom went bust.

Granny J said...

dagny -- it's funny, but I think a lot more of Lowe's than I do of one of our past mayors (we have so many!) so it's Lowe's hill to me.

Kathleen said...

hehe - funny! Great links =p Maybe part of the "'" trouble is constant typos and abused keyboards! LOL - my !, enter and a few other keys stick a lot of the time and sometimes I get some really weird spelling...

As to Lowes. *sheesh*

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