Monday, November 30, 2009

Sidewalk scenes

So many things to see, in a short one-block walk yesterday. All manner of activities posted in the Book Nook window and on the yoga bulletin board. Something for anybody of almost any persuasion!

I've always liked the old-style circus typefaces, tho I'm puzzled by the anachronistic spelling of custom in its midst. Then there is the shop's fun with security (below).

A decorated window at the Outfitters features both fall symbols on the left side and bandana handkerchiefs on the right side.

And finally I have seen one of those discrete little bits of animal graffiti that's showing up around town. It looks to be a decal on the lamp post -- note how one ear has almost disappeared. Note too how small the rabbit is, as compared to that bolt. As for the splash of color below, I'm not sure if it was intended as a little critter or is merely that, an accidental splash of yellow.

While I was inspecting the rabbit and the yellow whatever, a young woman stood nearby with her back to me. The duck on the back of her tee fit in very well with the graffiti theme.

Over at Batterman's, the auction place, display items were being moved from the sidewalk, back inside.

But I was able to get a picture of this marvel leaning against the building before it was stowed for the night. The riverboat is 3-D and, as I understand it, the paddle wheel turns when the unit is plugged in. The little box to the left houses an 8-track tape player (remember those?) This could liven things up in my office if I were so careless as to attend this week's auction.


Catalyst said...

And in that first picture at the Outfitter, I spotted a reflection of the photographer.

Granny J said...

cat-A -- and that's about the only way you'll see here in these posts...

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