Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Critters Suitable for Lawns, Living Rooms

You may recall that I stopped by at the arts/crafts show on the Square this past Sunday. I did take a few pictures at the show, primarily of assorted critters that caught my eye in the midst of all those Kokopellis and decorative suns.

I'm always interested to see what's in and what's out. Considering all the recent talk about toads, it's only fitting that I lead off with a Mexican ceramic toad. Painted clay creatures were popular this year.

In the bird department: a rather neat, swooping eagle made from saguaro cactus bones. Note also the crayfish in the upper left hand corner. The cactus ribs were an unusual material in the midst of ceramic, wire and sheet metal sculpts.

The sheet metal buzzard family -- and the javelina in the upper right hand corner -- border on being too cute (almost as cutesy as the Kokopelli with the golf club.) Nonetheless, it's nice that Arizona's vulture is getting his day in the sun.

However, the star of this show, critter-wise, was the gecko. Geckos here, geckos there, everywhere geckos!

I still will settle for one of those junkyard horses below for my lawn or living room. (Or maybe that rhino-saur I recently saw out Iron Springs Road.)

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