Thursday, July 27, 2006

Update: The Fates Made Me Look Foolish

Nothing like finding out that you were wrong or wrong- headed or that the Fates had singled you out to make you look foolish. (I prefer the latter explanation.)

Take the playground at Lincoln School. One week I walked by everyday and the gates were locked. I reported this and whined. Some time later (about two weeks ago) I pass by -- lo and behold, folks are frolicking in what had been forbidden territory. Ditto this evening when I went out for my walk. Some of the gates were still locked -- but the main entrances were open to the public. Bravo!

The same Fates whispered in the ears of auto stylists in Detroit and Tokyo at about the time I complained about the dull plumage of modern cars. "Do something to make GrannyJ look dumb and unobservant," they said.

Guess what -- suddenly the streets are full of all shades of yellow plus an occasional bright orange vehicle for good measure. A few pastel blue and green cars are now showing up, too. Not only that, but I have seen a handful of assertively two-toned SUVs, just like in the good old days.

And imagine my real embarassment when I looked more closely at the daughter's Subaru -- it, too, is a two-toner.

There are times you can't win!

Later Update: I finally did what I should always do -- consult the Google. And found: 24.1% of cars sold in the past year were silver, 16.7% black, 12.7% blue. Gold was only 2.6%. As to what's ahead:

Others believe that greys -- deeper, darker metallics -- will eclipse the lighter silvery shades. "Grey offers more dimensions, from warm to cool," says Leighton. "It's a fresh look and an alternative to silver."

And blue is gaining fast. "There is a whole trend in blue and purple," says Webb. Of the 21 new shades his company is currently developing, "at least half are blue or have some evidence of blue in them."


Karen of Scottsdale said...

LOL -- I always enjoy reading your blog. Some day I'm going to find a digital camera I can operate with my limited manual dexterity and strength and then I will get to blog about all my observations around town.

My first photo blog will be about all the bright colored houses in my non-HOA neighborhood. Definitely not the boring brown tones of North Scottsdale.

Granny J said...

That's one thing that's lovely about a somewhat Victorian town like Prescott -- modern rehabbers are into the "Painted Lady" treatment -- even on little old cottages!

Good luck on finding that camera! I find that my little Sony Cyber- Shot is hard for me to operate! the buttons are all tiny & plastic -- hard for my old fingers to handle dextrously.

Plus you really need a guidebook to take advantage of all the bells & whistles, on a little point- and-shoot camera at that.

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