Monday, July 10, 2006

Imprisoned Playground

Grump. Note picture above. It's a lock. It's to keep kids on one side (the outside) and playground equipment on the other (the inside). For as long as my grandchildren have visited me, they've used the playground at Lincoln School.

Not this year.

For some reason, officialdom has determined that not only is this to be a "drug-free" campus, but also a child-free one as well. At least in the summer, when a nearby playground is most needed. Need I suggest the L-word?


Linda G. said...

Some schools (Portland Oregon) are eliminating playground equipment and/or forbidding running on playgrounds. The game of tag is considered too rough by a growing number of schools.
I've heard that Chino elementary schools are considering eliminating recess altogether...

Ahhhh the Twenty-first Century - Safe New World!

Karen of Scottsdale said...

I guess all those property taxes you pay to the school district to build a playground doesn't mean you actually get to use it. Taxation without access to playground equipment! Sounds like you need to have a Boston tea party.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh. Chino better not eliminate recess - as a CV sub teacher I'd go nuts. Kids really need the break and the physical release and it gives the teacher a chance to regroup as well. Chino administrators get stranger and stranger ideas -well, theoretically, if they're really considering this.

And as for the locks - pretty mean-spirited and not very public minded. Like Karen of Scottsdale said, time for a revolt. . .

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