Friday, July 07, 2006

While Strolling to the Bank Today...

...after a morning's heavy rain so gray. Phooey. I give up. W.S. Gilbert I'm not! But it was a good walk, even though I used up the memory space on my camera long before I had recorded all the sights of the day:

1. Apparently the United Methodist Church stores what it calls a Sidewalk Sunday School in this van. First, the left side.

Then, the right. I'm still trying to picture the whole set-up: sidewalk, school, students -- and the mysterious contents of that van!

2. Further along, I came across this rather forlorn fragment. It certainly causes one to speculate.

I'm certain it has nothing to do with numerals -- more likely a youngster, possibly of Pakistani or East Indian or even Iranian extraction, suffering 9/11-inspired attacks from kids who are too ignorant to know that the majority of actual Arab-Americans are Christians! It looks as though a mirror or a picture had been in the frame.

3. Still further along (and more cheerful), participants in tomorrow's fete at the Sharlot Hall grounds were pitching their tents . This event: the annual Indian Arts Fair. If I go, I'll probably have to be satisfied eyeballing the wares. They tend to be pricey.

4. Parked in front -- this car, obviously owned by one of the artists, in from New Mexico.

5. And a fitting finale to this walk -- a poem by Sharlot Hall herself painted on the embankment wall next to the Gurley Street crossing of Granite Creek. Unfortunately, to really see the words, you must lean out over the railing.


Michael Leddy said...

Your hunch about "I'm not Arabic" sounds right to me. Is the open space the right size for a school picture?

Granny J said...

Michael -- for some reason, I've always visualized a mirror in that opening. Probably memory remnants from the Brothers Grimm.

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