Monday, July 10, 2006

Good Old Days Revisited

Wearing my cynic's hat, I'm inclined to call it a hokey promotional gimmick. But wearing my heart on my sleeve, it's an entirely different matter -- I love it!

It being the new old fashioned soda fountain at Goodwin Street Pharm. Perfect for a cool goodie after walking Prescott. Malts. Ice cream sodas. Phosphates. Ice cream cones. And...

...I finally had an egg cream. In Prescott, of all places. Which requires an explanation. I grew up in the Southwest and the South; my career days were spent in Chicago. No such thing as an egg cream in any of these places; I recall Brooklyn types and sophisticated Manhattanites asking for egg creams in Chicago -- I always wondered what the heck they were talking about.

Now I finally know. Basically, an egg cream is a chocolate phosphate with a squirt of cream. Yummy. And please don't ask me about the "egg" part. I still don't know, even though I've asked several Easterners.

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