Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The City Chicken

If I can't afford one of those junkyard horses below -- or an Iron Springs Road brontosaurus, maybe a chicken? I kinda like the metal critter above. A real Cortez Street find, that is.

Here's another collectible shop chicken, but certainly not big enough or bright enough for the side yard. I still like the top guy. You don't see many decorative yard chickens; somehow, gallus gallus simply isn't in the same league with Granny Goose in the competition for cute and cozy in the lawn ornament or country kitchen department.

In my walks around the town's alleys, by the way, I've come across the real thing (above.) I presume these birds belong to folks who eat a lot of eggs. And I recall that the sustainable city living chap over on Dameron talked about keeping chickens on a city lot. Legal? Not a matter for the Zoning Gestapo? You can see that I suffer from Big City Think, in which the domestic fowl is definitely a no-no for righteous, status conscious city or suburban dwellers. This is a different world. Here I have laid back friends who live in a settled county enclave on the west end of town; their pet chickens are an amazing collection of specialty breeds, the likes of which I've never seen in my sheltered life. Maybe one of these days I can take a few pictures.


hermano said...

Here, these critters are refered to as Chooks, be they tin, plastic or living. I didn't like the expression when I first came here 44 years ago, however now it strikes me as homely.

Wnat a quick meal? Hop it to the shop and get a cooked chook.


Granny J said...

That's Aussie Speak from my bro, in case you were curious. I think the idea of pre-cooked "chook" is great for those days when it's too much of an effort to do any serious messing around in the kitchen.

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