Thursday, February 22, 2007

Unexpected Pictures

Just another Victorian boarding house, probably awaiting gentrification one of these days. Yes. But. This one was spotted by the adventurous Niece from Memphis back in August while she was visiting. What's so interesting about this old house, aside from its probable future? If you look very, very closely, that window is covered with a poster of Marilyn. Below, I've blown it up so you can see better.

Here's another unexpected picture within a picture. I was over at the N.O.A.H. thrift shop, crowded with all sorts of wonderful Stuff. I spotted the old Chinese bamboo curtain at the changing rooms. Took a picture. And then did a couple of double takes. One needs to get at a good angle to really get the picture -- which appears to be suitable for, maybe, a frontier town Fancy Lady's boudoir. Funny, despite its suggestiveness, the pose is really quite demure, with both bods under cover.

Later Note: I hope that the rather nude figures in the last picture can be seen by everybody, including welcome visitors from the Carnival of Cities.


Joan R. said...

Cool, GrannyJ -- I wonder how the shop came by that bamboo curtain. Maybe it's a valuable antique from the old west. Maybe it's one more item being exported by the new China.

CyberCelt said...

Nice pictures. here for the carnival of cities.

Granny J said...

Welcome, Joan and Cybercelt...I've no idea about the provenance of the curtain, but it did not look new. Hope Prescott is sufficiently urban to qualify among the cities. Actually, I don't -- I prefer my cities to be somewhat on the funky or ideosyncraatic side.

Judith said...

Glad I was able to help you with your bamboo curtain question! Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) was actually Viennese. My book says "This was an age of artistic renewal and revolt... and of self-consciously 'decadent' attitudes in art and literature, shot through with powerful and often morbid erotic obsessions. ... In Klimt, Viennese sexuality found its greatest poet." So there you go!

Granny J said...

And so my romantic speculation about the bamboo is probably just that -- romance. I was so absolutely sure that we had a relic from the rowdy frontier days here in Prescott. Thanks for setting me right, Judith. Maybe.

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