Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Spring Is a'Comin' In

I couldn't resist shuffling through this heap of leaves -- a leftover from autumn -- yesterday. Won't get many more chances. A remnant from last year.

As is this cool display of sycamore pompoms.

And these ornamental cherries (or berries of some sort.)

But the jasmine are blossoming! An absolutely, sure sign that spring will be with us soon. And I suspect that the early-blooming manzanitas, along the White Spar winding down into Wilhoit, are proving once again that they are members of the heather family!

This evergreen shrub is putting out new leaves.

And I noticed that the sap must now be running up the sycamores over on Park Avenue, if this stain running down the bark is any indication.

From wounds such as this, not fully healed after all these years.

If you look carefully at the sycamore twigs above, you'll see leaf buds.

Ditto for these apple twigs.

Here's an ornamental tree with blossoms almost ready to burst.

The Siberian elm leaf buds are not suddenly new -- but they are rapidly filling out... this close-up demonstrates. Decisivly, I'd say.

Of course, it's only Feburary, but that's how it is up in the mountains at mid-elevations. We might dry out completely. We might have a foot of snow. In May. You never know. Just don't count on getting apricots.

Hurrah note: I should get my own comfy, easy to use computer back tomorrow.


Lane said...

Beautiful twigature! We have the evergreen "redtops" here as well. The front of the house is surrounded in them. Our daffodils have been ballzey this year, poking their blossom hiding heads up in January. They have not frozen out, and several varieties are now yellow and NOT chicken!

Granny J said...

Welcome back, Lane! My daffodils are just beginning to poke their leaves up & I am hoping against hope that some of the many RED California poppy seeds I scattered will make it to blossom. They like to come up during the cold, wet winter weather, which we are having, spasmodically.

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