Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Granite Creek in Winter

I suspect that moderns and newcomers have no idea how central Granite Creek is to the history of Prescott. In fact, I had to be reminded by this bleak picture, from the Sharlot Hall archives, which is on the historic information plaque on the Gurley Street Bridge. Our creek was once a free-flowing (and free-flooding) stream that provided water for the townspeople and gold for early prospectors.

Today, the creek (looking south) is confined by concrete walls. Happily, the snow up in the hills continues to keep the creek well watered.

Looking north from Gurley: a jungle of twigs, branches and limbs.

Also north of the bridge, there's a new set of stairs leading down to the creekside trail. They're part of the new patio project at the back of Prescott Coffee Roasters.

Water is moving slowly enough that the reflections are serene pictures.

As I was photographing the creekside mural from the walkway to the Dinner Bell's back room, I spied these neat hanging bags of bird food. There was also a hanging platform feeder for other birds.

Another item that caught my attention (for the first time, tho I've been here many times) -- the big beam supporting the bridge. I wonder when it was installed, tho I vaguely recall that there had been some discussion of the necessity of shoring up the old bridge way back when in the

And, while I was at the creek and not on a schedule, the timing was right to document the long mural depicting Prescott's history. Look for it on the east side of the creek south of Gurley. And catch it before the trees and scrub leaf out, hiding half the artwork.

If I'm not mistaken, the project was the work of Prescott High School students.

The Airstream is a neat symbol for modern tourons -- though I guess we're still supposed to look out for big cats that lie in waiting.

The authors and, perhaps, members of the touch-up team, too.

For some reason or other, painting walls and the sides of buildings is a popular pasttime in Prescott. Thus far, I've recorded the White Spar murals (both versions, here and here), as well as the four seasons painted at the back of the shops on Gurley. I've yet to catch up with the current state of the mural project next to the city parking garage ... I intend to redo my pix of Prescott College's new mural... and there are those history-of-Prescott windows at the high school in my files. Not to mention art I've found on smaller buildings (here and here.) Does anyone remember the two-storey solar system occupying the side of one of the old four-flats on South Montezuma Street? Too bad it was painted over in a fit of maintenance. It was cool.


Anonymous said...

There's one problem with that mural. Unlike all the other neo-realist murals around town, it has absolutely NO ravens in it. You can't paint Prescott properly without ravens.

Granny J said...

I've got a lot of stuff about ravens -- everything but a picture that I've taken myself. We have a new raven couple looking to nest in the immediate neighborhood and maybe, maybe when I get that new camera that Mom is going to treat me to, I can catch Roscoe or his bride.

Bill R. said...

It looks to me like we have more trees along the creek than the early settlers left standing, judging from the old picture.

Lane said...

Great photos. I love the old one...reminds me of "Paint Your Wagon" fame. Thought if I looked close enough I'd see Lee Marvin staggering through the mud.

Granny J said...

...or perhaps Walter Huston, with Bogie mocking him in the background.

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