Friday, February 16, 2007

Playhouses Plain & Fancy

It's a mighty cute little playhouse there, though a corregated roof is just a little down-market, isn't it? At least for a house that sits out in the middle of a well kept lawn, where the neighbors can see and comment. On the other hand, the trim is neat and the colors are suitable to the area.

Now this playhouse is nicely hidden, up on a hillside, to boot -- and it takes a ladder to get up and inside. Much more suitable if a child wants to use it as a fort rather than a house. And, if you're a parent building the structure and you didn't get around to painting it or finishing off the details, nobody will know except for you, the family and their friends. It's a lucky kid to have either of these playhouses!


Liz M said...

At least neither one is one of those ugly plastic monstrocities.

Granny J said...

Now that I look at them again, I would guess that both are homemade playhouses. More power to the builders!

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