Thursday, February 08, 2007

Everywhere Stickers

That is what they are, isn't it? My inclination is to call the blasted things "decals", but a quick check with the dictionary says not. What I'm talking about are a grown-up's version of those dreadful little sticky pictures and such that kids paste on the refrigerator door (and everywhere else.) The first one I sighted when I went walking toward town was this stock model skull on a workman's vehicle.

The phone booth in front of the Dinner Bell is a favorite place for stickers. Above, a remnant of elections past...

Even the phone gets plastered.

As I pointed my camera at this non-decal on a nearby newspaper dispenser, a scruffy young man said "you know who that is, don't you?" "Uhuh," I shook my head. "That's Bob." "Huh?" "You know, the Church of the Sub-Genius. That Bob." OK. You can read all about Bob at the Wikipedia.

This newspaper dispenser on the other side of the Gurley Street bridge is a veritable newspaper of stickers -- here promoting the Mural Project and the Interfaith Alliance.

Opposite side: more mural promo and the website for the Gigglebubble, what ever that might be. All right, I'll go have a look. Tain't what I expected. Not at all -- it's all about a book for kids!

Now that is one B-I-G sticker, that is. Promoting our very own, local business. Based in Chino Valley, provides all sorts of information and links for recreational travellers. Hope they're prospering. Makes me wonder if GrannyJ should be planning her own sticker campaign!


Karen of Scottsdale said...

Stickers even show up on your blog. They are called spam comments and it looks like you got one here. Somebody has a good sense of humor! LOL

Granny J said...

Sorry, folks -- I'm back on my Real computer & am not able to bring up the wastebasket icon that lets me erase that dang spam sticker. (No matter what I try, dotter!)

Granny J said...

Now I can! Not by virtue of carefully reloading the blog pages, but by posting a remark; lo and behold, the icon is there to make me look the fool! FYI -- it was one of the usual spam subjects (i.e., viagra)

Lane said...

Alas, I missed the spam...My daughter and husband did, however, go see "Spamalot" this weekend from out of NYC. Lots of Monty Python fun, they report. So, J... If YOU created a sticker, what would you want IT to say?

Granny J said...

Well, I'd invite all the Prescott folks to come visit the old blogoroony, of course. Atleast that was my first thought. But maybe there's something else in my life that merits a sticker. I'll think on that.

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